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No joining fees so it’s easy to start now.

Safe and easy transactions. Simple, secure payment methods.

Disinfected, cleaned, hygienic, & body-safe. Most importantly – squeaky clean. 



Save money. Get something you’ve always wanted to try.

 You can afford to see how a toy works for you here, and finally find the ones that work for you !

Sell it here again when you´re ready to upgrade.

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Make easy money. If you’re not using it, get some cash in for it.

Help someone else get some use out of it.

Go buy something that you really want. Simplify your toy chest – and your life !

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Shop simply  Search easily Buy securely | Delivered discreetly

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We don’t see or handle your confidential information – so you are in control. We don’t give out your personal information either. 

We use the most secure, well-used payment systems (Paypal & Stripe). So you can choose to use credit cards, or debit cards, or Paypal accounts. 



It’s a simple buy and sell, with no joining fee, with step by step help on buying, selling, and mailing. Save money when you buy, make money when you sell.

No complicated auctions or annoying adverts popping up all over the place either. Just a neat little shop to find the right home for more affordable adult toys.




Squeaky clean

Most importantly, the toys have to be squeaky clean & body-safe. Disinfected, cleaned, hygienic – we show you how to do it. 

Everything is transparent until you buy. You can see everyone’s questions and answers on a product, so it’s fair for everyone.


How much will it cost me ?

commissions and fees

The marketplace is based in USD ($), but you can still buy from US sellers if you are based abroad.  Listings will state prices and postage costs.


You simply pay the price advertised for the product (plus postage if applicable).

No joining fee, no commission, no buying fees. 


You receive the price you advertised for product (& postage) less:

20% commission to the marketplace (us), and the standard transaction fees (to Paypal OR Stripe). No joining fees.


stay Secure

STRIPE ( credit or debit card )
Stripe sellers pay us a total of 23% and we handle the stripe fees for you.

PAYPAL ( a/c, credit or debit card )
Paypal sellers pay us 20% and pay Paypal charge their normal US fees per transaction.


Nowadays buying adult toys has become a very normal part of daily life for many adults. However, we are all aware of the high cost of new modern sophisticated toys.  So buying new adult toys has now become a very expensive activity.

Many toys cost well over 100 pounds and you never know if they are going to be right for you. In the past, you had to buy them, try them once, and then put them away because they did not suit you. They felt too good to throw out, and you felt guilty buying another new one whilst it lingered there somewhere in your wardrobe !

So buying a second-hand, body-safe, disinfected toy is a very sensible decision.

It allows you to spend less on your toys, and it also allows you to take the risk of buying a product that you always fancied, but thought was too expensive to try. If it doesn’t suit, don’t delay in cleaning it and selling it again here.

We created this simple and secure marketplace so that the unwanted toys can finally find their right home and be truly wanted toys again.

Of vital importance is cleanliness, so we have written a guide to how to clean your toy before you list it for sale. The seller will have thoroughly disinfected your toy before they send it to you, and you should do it again.

Men, women, & couples – this site is for you all 

We have set up separate sections for sex toys, clothing, bondage, and better sex. You can search the listings for different brands, age and usage of toys, colors, price range, etc, etc.


This is your chance to try something new.

This marketplace is a great chance to sell your unwanted toys and also to buy a toy as a present for your significant other.

Because the prices are lower, you can take a risk when buying something that you would never normally consider paying full price for – take a chance and see if you find the toy of your dreams.


This marketplace is set up to be simple, specialist and safe.

It’s a simple buy and sell between people, no auctions or clever algorithms to complicate it all.

Comments can only be made when you create a marketplace account. We show you how to do everything, step by step. All comments are then shown publicly on screen, for transparency, and the benefit of all interested buyers. When you choose to buy, you will have the option to send a private message to the seller.

Click over to the buying guide or the selling guide for more information.

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