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The Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace is now closed

We had paused the marketplace because it was time to substantially invest in more software and marketing in order to take Squeaky Clean Toys to the next level.
Then we asked ourselves…


People’s attitudes to sexuality and self development are continually opening up. Also, given the increased environmental warnings we’re all getting, along with our post-pandemic awareness of germs and sanitization… we all know that we need to act to look after ourselves and our planet.

We’re ready, so we have built up Squeaky Clean Toys from zero, proving that the idea works. The buyers and sellers love it being done this professional, clean and functional way. We’ve had phenomenally positive press across the world.

But we had to also ask ourselves a fundamental question…



The world is still financially driven, but financial companies are getting more closed and more restrictive.

The global payments systems dislike any business that involves sex toys.

Squeaky Clean Toys now needs significant investment to grow it substantially, so it does not make sense to grow a business when we have no certainty about the future support of the payments systems.
Squeaky has been purpose led and has proved to be needed, and even loved by you. But we have to be realistic at this crucial point, and so…


We have had a blast getting this off the ground & we have loved our dealings with you, the buyers and sellers that make this community what it is today. We’ve also learned and grown so much ourselves in the process and we thank you for that.

But, sadly, we must now stop the marketplace (we will be emailing our existing users about that process). We hope that the global payments systems will one day decide that sex toys (bought by more than half the population of adults) are actually a mainstream product in our modern world.

We will miss you all.