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We realize we can’t accept most toys out there – but that’s fine, in fact it’s intentional.”

We only want to recycle the safest, highest-quality ones.


“We realize that most people don’t know enough about body-safe materials, or infection risks and the intense cleaning required to avoid them.”

But enough do – and more are learning here every day.

The only toys that make it onto the Squeaky marketplace are the best, non-porous ones that can meet the hygiene requirements.

Each submitted listing, is examined manually by a member of staff – the toys approved for the public board are only the tip of the iceberg!

The only users that get to buy or sell on the marketplace are the ones that sign-up to agree to meet the safer hygiene and secure payment requirements.

1. The Users

it´s all about you


Save money. Get something you’ve always wanted to try.

 Finally, you can afford to take a chance. Find out what works best for you!

If it’s body-safe, sell it here again when you’re ready to upgrade.

No joining fee
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Browse the items


Make easy money. If you’re not using it, get some cash in for it.

It could be as simple as an unwanted, unopened sex toy gift. Help someone else get some use out of it. Then go and buy something that you really want.

Simplify your toy chest – and your life !

No joining fee
Commission 20% (if you sell)

List an item


This is for private individuals to buy & sell their own sex toys.

Squeaky clean, body-safe adult toys.

Safe and easy transactions.

Simple, secure payment methods.

No unnecessary chat – just squeaky clean transactions.

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2. The Marketplace

not just any old marketplace



Every listing is manually approved to go to the public board, so that they all consistently comply with the listing rules.

All messages and questions and answers are visible to all users on the listing comments, to ensure transparency.

When you commit to buy, and your payment is pre-authorized, then you can message your seller privately in the transaction – but the SQUEAKY moderator can still see everything.



The marketplace is connected to the secure, well-used payment systems. You can choose to use to use your bank account, credit cards, or debit cards, or Paypal accounts, or all of them!

If you sell used sex toys, they must be shipped with online tracking to protect everyone.

We don’t see or handle your confidential payment information. Of course, we don’t share or sell it either.

Privacy is important. Personal details are not allowed to be offered or shared.



Everything is designed so that it can be transparent and open, to be fair to everyone.

Automatic emails guide you through the buying and selling process. The ‘How it works‘ and FAQs are living documents to guide you, and are updated as we grow.

If you are unsure about anything, we are always here to point you in the right direction.

We want your experience to be a positive one.

Keep up the good work Squeaky. 👏

Jonny Quest Jan 20, 2022


…It made me realize the staff at SQT is doing more research about the safety of sex toys than I did! I truly appreciate their diligence.

Angel Marie 20 Nov, 2021


…Squeaky Clean Toys has solved this problem and created a whole new way to find amazing toys at great prices. I will continue to buy and sell with them well into the future.

Griff Nov 04, 2021


…The more I read, the better I felt….OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again! 

Kenels Kenels Aug 18, 2021

3. The Toys

not just any old toy


Be responsible and stay safe

All used adult toys have to be cleaned or laundered. All sex toys have to be further sanitized. All penetrable or insertable style toys e.g. used dildos ( & used dildoes !) must go further to high level disinfecting and sterilized.

Sellers must agree to do this, so it is done before the item is shipped.

Buyers must do the same when they receive the item.


See our cleaning guide


 There is a clear policy 

The quality of the toy, and the materials used determine whether it can be listed.

Sellers cannot list materials that may be toxic to the body (e.g. PVC or jelly). Most toys listed are Glass, Steel, or Silicone.

The material porosity or design determines how well it can be sterilized, so some items will not comply with the policy and cannot be listed. 

See our body-safe policy

Premium Brands

 Only the best brands or models

We have a growing list of brands that buyers can find with the search filters. Not all models within a brand are accepted. ‘Other’ brands are added as we learn and grow. 

We don’t approve listings if the seller doesn’t know what they are, as we cannot verify them.

 We don’t list unbranded, mass produced toys in plastic bags, typical white label toys, Amazon only fulfilled toys, Reseller toys.

Check the brands

How much have the toys been used ?

  • Unopened 11% 11%
  • Opened, but unused 23% 23%
  • Used 1 – 2 times 56% 56%
  • Used 10% 10%

Why are we doing this?

… so many good reasons

Support sex positivity

Nowadays, buying adult toys has become a very normal part of daily life for many adults – the hot topic of sex toys features all over social media. In 2021, WebMD reported that “52.5% of women ages 18-60 in the United States have used a vibrator before”. in 2018 Patient.info reported that “almost half the British population admit to owning at least one product”. But it still can have an old negative stigma hanging around.

We support the happy and healthy use of sex (‘toys’ as they have become known) – respecting the importance of keeping them safe and clean.  We want to promote the positive side of using sexual aids that can improve our physical and mental health through the stimulation and pleasure that their clever engineering can bring to us. The press have been really supportive about the marketplace that we have created – we have gathered together some of the main articles on our press page.

Our aim is to provide a really clean, really simple, and really secure, sex-positive place, where people can more easily afford to try out the good sex toys.

Save the good toys, and reduce waste

As the use of sex toys increases generally, we want to promote these good toys strongly, and try to recycle them in order to save them from going to landfills. We know we are only tackling a teeny weeny part of sex toys but we have to do something to help reduce waste on our planet A (given that there is no planet B). 

Equally, we want to raise awareness about body-safe materials and good cleaning practices. We feel it is better, if you want to buy used sex toys, to buy a good quality, body-safe, well-designed second-hand toy, than to spend the same money on an inferior, new,  “bad” toy.  As adult toy manufacturing grows rapidly, the market is becoming flooded with cheap toys and none of us can be sure about how safe they are.  So the aim of the marketplace is not to list a mass of typical fulfilled products (e.g. Amazon or Ebay),  wholesale style items (e.g. AliExpress, DHgate), or white-label brands.

We also realize that not everyone wants to buy second-hand, but they can help others by selling their good second-hand adult toys on. Most of our users are new to this, and we hand-hold our sellers to help them through the process where necessary.

We also believe that even buying second-hand isn’t the best thing to do for every type of toy or accessory. So we do the vetting for you and don’t list anything that doesn’t fit the bill, and we advise when and where to buy new toys and accessories too.

We created this safe space for the best unwanted toys can finally find their right home and be truly wanted toys again. There are many high quality used dildoes (also spelled dildos) for sale by private sellers on the marketplace (all items must be equally intensely cleaned to the same level, (as far as sterilization) by both the sellers and by the buyers – why not take a look?

Make it affordable

We are all aware of the high cost of new, modern, sophisticated toysBuying new adult toys has now become a luxury, as it is a very expensive activity, so it makes good sense to consider whether to  buy used adult toys – including used dildos / dildoes, used fantasy dildos, and used vibrators.

Many toys cost well over 100 dollars / euros / pounds and you never know if they are going to be right for you. In the past, you had to buy them, try them once, and then put them away because they did not suit you. They felt too good to throw out, and you felt guilty buying another new one whilst your used sex toy lingered there somewhere in your wardrobe!

Buyers can explore their needs here, without having to always buy new first. Sellers who are selling used sex toys can recuperate some money to help them to afford their next purchase – sell your used dildo and buy a new dildo (or maybe buy a used dildo at a really discounted price).

So buying a second-hand, body-safe, suitably disinfected sex toy is a very sensible decision. We´d like it to be as normal to buy used sex toys as it is to buy a second-hand designer bag, or a posh dress!

It allows you to spend less when buying your sex toys, and it also allows you to take the risk of buying a product that you always fancied, but perhaps thought was too expensive to try. If it doesn’t suit, don’t delay in sterilizing it, and selling the used sex toy again on the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace.

Make sexual health & pleasure clean & mainstream

There are a lot of elements to the sexual health and wellness industry and sex toys can play a big part in helping us all develop. It’s healthy to enjoy sexual pleasure as well!

So we want to be part of the movement to remove old stigmas that don’t belong in a modern, open, and kinder world. We say “sex toys” because that is what they are known as now, but we prefer to think of them as “sex products and accessories”.

It is very well documented these days that the use of sex toys can help develop your sexual, mental, and physical health. So, whether you are buying or selling used sex toys, or new sex toys, it isn’t a sexy or pervy activity, in the same way that it isn’t sexy or pervy to goto the doctor to have your genitals checked!

Of vital importance is cleanliness. There is a lot of information on this online, some evidence based and some not – so it can vary -please do your due diligence on this subject. In fact, we’ve done a lot of the work for you and have gone with the most evidence based answers to our questions, from government/scientific/medical resources available. We’ve researched infections and what it takes to get rid of them, and written a hygiene guide for both our buyers and our sellers to easily follow.


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