The Marketplace

The LISTINGS are the main marketplace page, and it looks like this. It’s where you sign up, list an item, browse, and buy an item.

The Blog

This is where you will find the main home page which gives an overview of Squeaky Clean Toys, the forums, and the blog with lots more guides and interesting articles.


Once your payment details are complete, your listing can then be reviewed by the team. They will look at it as a buyer would so keep it squeaky clean, simple, and secure. Here´s some tips.


Tip 1

Include at least one photo (taken by you) of your own item. It won´t get approved without it ! 


Tip 2

State the brand and the material. If there is any doubt that it isn’t in line with our body-safe policy, you will be asked for some more verification. Please don´t tick silicone if it isn´t, this will just delay the verification of your item. If you have a web link that shows your item on a current reputable retail website then put it in the listing description. The approvals team will then be able to research your item faster –  the link may or may not stay in after approval.


Tip 3

A few other things that will not get listed are broken toys or obvious rip-off prices. Second-hand prices, even for unused items, should be at a significant discount to the price of a new one. Try to think like a buyer! Generally, the ones selling better are at least 30 to 40% off the cheapest retail new price.


Tip 4

Any new and unused toys should come with the original box. The marketplace is mainly for quality second-hand items, sold by private sellers ( not for commercial vendors or home party hosts selling new items, which is why the system normally allows only 3 listings per user.) The aim of the marketplace is not to list typical Amazon / eBay / AliExpress shipped items ( e.g. Paloqueth ) or new items sold in plastic bags.


Tip 5

We are currently only accepting the brands on our “listed brands” checklist. Tick Unbranded if it is custom-made. However If you have a high-end niche brand that we have not yet approved yet, tick Other and provide the brand and material detail in additional information, and we will take a look at it immediately for you. (Don´t just tick an incorrect brand as this will delay the research of your item by the approvals team.)


Tip 6

The system is set up for secure payments so there is no need for statements like “no returns allowed”. See the community guidelines below for more tips.

Tip 7

Make sure your price is tempting right from the start – when you are at the top of the listings board and buyers get to see your item more easily. After that you will move further down the list and out of sight so don´t waste the opportunity at the top !


Tip 8

Read this article first – if you want to avoid your listing being deleted outright, rejected temporarily till you can fix it, or from just taking a long time to approve.  



Step 1

Buyers and sellers create a free account (takes 2 minutes).


Step 2

Sellers: Create a listing for your item  (Top right click +LIST AN ITEM button ). Make sure your item meets the body-safe policy. Add photos including at least one of your own, details, price, and shipping. Add your payment details so the buyers can pay you – use Paypal or Stripe (or both for maximum coverage). Submit it for approval. If you don´t add your payment details, the listing is not forwarded to our approvals team so It won´t go live on the marketplace.


Step 3

Buyers: Search the listings for your new favorite toy, and ask any questions in the public comments, or click the big “BUY” button. 

Search Tips:

If you use the search box at the top, you need to clear the search afterwards by deleting the text in the search field and then clicking search again when the search box is empty! 

If you want to see what else a particular seller is selling, just go click on their profile to see. If you follow them, you will also be notified when they list another item.



If the seller has ticked the box saying that they will accept offers, then the buyer can make their offer on the public comments.  If the seller accepts the offer they will then edit the listing to show the new price so that you can hit the BUY button.
(Note: The public comments is where haggling works best because if you hit the BUY button before negotiating  a new price, then you have committed to the listed item price, and then have to depend on the seller to reject your offer, and re-edit the listing so that you can hit the BUY button again for the correct price !)


The buyer negotiates a price for this listing and others by the same seller. This is all done in the public comments. The seller just needs to close all the other item listings in the deal, except the one with the deal comments in it. Then the sellers a) edits that listing to include a photo of all the items in the new deal, b) adds a quick note in the description to say they are all included in the deal, c) edits the new agreed price and shipping and re-posts the listing as a set of items. The buyer then hits BUY and the seller accepts this purchase offer from the buyer they have been dealing with.


Step 4

Seller: Click “Accept” or “Reject” – you have 3 days to do this. If the buyer asked you to accept an offer & you agree, simply edit your listing with the new price, and we will re-approve it so the buyer can buy it at the new price.


Step 5

Seller: Ship the toy to the Buyer, tracked and ideally insured and signed for. Provide the tracking number to the buyer.


Step 6

Buyer: Once you receive the item, check that it is what you expected (contents, condition, etc) and Mark it as “Completed”. This releases the money to the seller. Note: Sale will be automatically marked as  “Complete” within 18 days if no action is taken.


Step 7

Once the transaction is finished, it is review time. You both get the chance to rate each other. Please do this because it helps the whole community to know the best buyers and sellers, or any helpful hints on working with them.


First of all, enjoy peace of mind knowing that secure payments are provided through the marketplace, and you are protected most when all communication between the buyer and seller is done through the marketplace alone. Communication outside the marketplace is not allowed.

The Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace is specifically designed to protect everyone by having built-in the two most popular, secure payment systems – PayPal and Stripe.

Buyers : If you see the following icons, you’ll know the seller can accept payment by PayPal account, or by credit card or debit card attached to a PayPal account.

Buyers : If you see the following icons, you’ll know the seller can accept payment by debit or credit cards via the secure STRIPE system.

The two systems work slightly differently in how they take, and protect your payment.
Please also perform your own due diligence, and remember, you may also have added insurance connected with your own credit or debit card.

1. Fees

Buyers : You pay no commission, just the price shown on the listing ( buyers guide )
Sellers : Commission is 20% for Paypal transactions, and 23% for Stripe transactions (but we will pay the 3% Stripe fees on your behalf). ( sellers guide ) .

2. Payments

When your “buy” request is accepted, the money is sent from the buyer’s PayPal account directly to the seller’s PayPal account (less PayPal´s transfer fees for the seller of about 3% ). Then, PayPal deducts the Squeaky Clean Toys sales commission (20%) from the seller’s account and transfers that to Squeaky Clean Toys (less PayPal´s transfer fees for the marketplace of about 3% ).

When your “buy” request is accepted by the seller, the money is sent from the buyer’s account into a STRIPE pending account ( a bit like when your credit card has $$ blocked when you rent a car and leave a deposit – some people think of it like an escrow account ). The money is not actually transferred to the seller until the transaction is marked as “completed”.  So if there is any dispute about the transaction the funds are held until it is resolved. The buyer then usually marks the transaction as completed to signal that the item has been received ok. Once the transaction is marked as completed, it can no longer be disputed and the money is transferred to the seller, less the 23% commission due to Squeaky Clean Toys. (This extra 3% is used by Squeaky Clean Toys to pay toward the transaction fees that Stripe charges for the transaction.)

 3. Protection

We strongly advise you to follow the seller protection requirements – they are required in order to resolve any dispute.
In order to protect yourself as a seller, it´s important to keep a track of every detail.

This is why you need to provide :

Clear and honest detail of the item in your listing
Include your own photos of your item on the listing and not just stock photos
Message at every stage and keep all communication on the marketplace
Send the purchased item to the address given on the payment page
Send the item insured, tracked, and with a signature on receipt
Provide the buyer with the tracking information once available
Mark the item as complete for the seller.

Buyer protection

You must use “goods & services”, not “family & friends” .

If there’s a problem with a transaction, or if the item goes astray in the post you don´t have to pay for it. PayPal will protect your payment. Learn more about PayPal buyer protection here.

Seller protection

Your protection on PayPal is decided by PayPal itself. PayPal also has a program to help sellers avoid claims and chargebacks, read more about it here.

Buyer Protection

If there is a problem during your transaction, Squeaky Clean Toys will help to find a solution to the dispute. We can act impartially, and help to resolve the issue without the need for a lengthy dispute process.

If a refund is required during your buy/sell transaction, we can put in a transaction to cancel the trade in our system & our system instructs STRIPE to refund the money into the buyer’s account. This can only happen before the transaction is marked as “completed”. On top of that, you also have any bank or credit card company protection that applies.

Seller protection

Your protection starts when you accept a buyer’s offer because the money they pay has moved into a pending STRIPE account that Squeaky Clean Toys can manage. We can act impartially, and help to resolve the issue. In addition, (if it ever comes down to it!) you also have the protection of your bank or credit card company to resolve any further disputes. Businesses can also apply for STRIPE chargeback protection which helps protect from fraud.

4. Disputed transactions

Within the marketplace, buyers can mark a paid transaction as disputed before it is marked as “completed”. This clearly communicates to us that you are not happy and we get involved. We listen to both parties, and can decide whether to agree to the dispute and refund, or continue the transaction as normal. Once resolved, the buyer and seller can then review each other.

If PayPal was used, only the seller can refund the transaction to the buyer. For a full refund, the marketplace has to refund the seller with the commission fee, and the seller refunds the buyer with the purchase fee. Paypal will refund the percentage portion of their fees for both transactions, but not the fixed fees.

If something goes wrong, both the buyer and the seller still have further PayPal protection because you are using the marketplace for your transaction.

If Stripe was used, only the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace administrators can authorise the transaction refund.

If something goes wrong, STRIPE is a fantastic system that can provide your credit card company with lots of transaction detail.



The marketplace is mainly for quality second-hand items, sold by private sellers. The aim of the marketplace is not to just list a mass of typical Amazon / Ebay fulfilled unbranded products from China,  AliExpress / DHgate shipped items, or new items sold only in plastic bags.


Only create listings for items you own personally, so your listing should include at least one photo of your own item and not just stock photos.

This is also not a place for commercial vendors or home party hosts selling new items, which is why the system normally allows only up to 3 listings per user initially so that the approvals team can verify that they are your own personal items. Contact the squeaky clean admin if you have a special circumstance.


To make it simple, we are currently only accepting the brands that are on our current ‘listed brands’ menu. If you have a high-end niche band that we have not approved yet, please let us know by ticking ‘Other’ and use the ´additional information´ field to provide as much detail you can on the brand and material, and we will take a look at it immediately.


Toy material is an important subject ! Please check our latest body-safe policy when listing an item so that you can check if it complies.

Personal information

For the safety and security of our community, personal information must not be disclosed to any other users. You only need to put your delivery details and any discreet packaging requirements privately when you buy an item. We do not allow contact information on listings, messages, images etc. This includes emails, phone numbers & social media info.


Shipping costs are in addition to the item price. Personal delivery/pick-up is not allowed. We have hidden the PICKUP field for this reason, but there might be a rare time when you see it – so don´t choose it, as it will stop your listing from being approved. 

We strongly advise sellers to have a tracking number/proof of delivery so that the buyer can know when it is arriving and so you have proof of mailing in case of any disputes. Make sure you put this in the transaction messaging and also in PayPal if you are using that.


Get in touch with Zoe at [email protected] if you need any help, or report any transactional issues. This is better than the contact form as lots of spam hits that, and your message may go into our spam folder unintentionally.

Make sure you keep an eye out for emails from us and make sure they don´t go into your spam box.  Reply as promptly as possible to any listing issues. Make sure your email works, and that you can receive notifications and emails from the marketplace system and from our customer support team. We sometimes get emails returned saying a member´s inbox has not been overfull and cannot accept our email. If we cannot contact you about your listing, we will have to close the listing so as not to disappoint the buyers. 



Listings are not for general chit-chat, and messaging is turned off between user profiles so that the marketplace is kept squeaky clean and transactional only. The community forums are the place to chat, about the topics outlined there. 

Small print

All site viewers and signed-up members must be over 18 years old. See terms & conditions for more information.

Please email us…….if you see anything that doesn´t follow the guidelines, or if you have any questions or feedback.

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