Community Requirements


We’re trying to make this marketplace purpose-led, for both the social and environmental benefits it can bring. So we all need to work as a community with the same interest, and not one against another and not against Squeaky.

Please be aware that all users must adhere to these requirements – otherwise your account may be disabled temporarily or permanently, without warning.

This is simply a marketplace to buy and sell securely. All users of the marketplace need to be active and supportive of other Users and of Squeaky.

If the moderator feels that a user is not following the community guidelines, they may be given a warning, their listing may be closed, or their account could be disabled without warning.

Disabling an account may only be a temporary measure whilst the support team can chat with a user and get things back on track. We tend to have a 3 times rule – if a User fails to meet the requirements, the account will be disabled on the 3rd occurrence.

Please email us at if you see anything that doesn’t follow these rules or guidelines.

This is a private consumer to consumer marketplace. Only create listings for items you own personally. This is also not a place for commercial vendors or home party hosts selling new items.

Toy material is an important subject! Sellers should check our latest body-safe policy and keep your listing updated in order to comply.

Buyers should not offer or request your purchased item to be used before shipping. Do not ask for extra used items to be sent. Do not ask the seller to include extra items that do not comply with our body-safe policy or listing requirements.

The seller is required to clean all items according to the hygiene guide. The buyer is required to do the same when they receive the item.

Make sure your comments could not be interpreted as pervy or intrusive or irrelevant to selling or buying the item. Don’t ask a seller about how they use the item or about their preferences and don’t share yours either.

Pornographic images, or sexual chat is not allowed – not anywhere, and not at any point.

If the moderator feels that any detail such as descriptions or display names might be offensive they will be edited.

If there is anything, in the moderator’s opinion, that appears to be spam or fake or inappropriate in any manner, Squeaky will take whatever actions are necessary to ensure the integrity of the site, the data, and the users.

Taking no action or taking incorrect actions, or simply not communicating can cause huge problems for yourself or others.

It is each member’s responsibility to understand how the marketplace works and particularly how a transaction works -. before they enter into one!
Links are provided to the listing basics and the HOW IT WORKS page on sign-up. The support team are available at to help with any questions or issues with the process.

Try not to rely on other users for advice in case it is incorrect or misleading. If you don’t know how something works, read the guides provided, or ask the Squeaky team. We’re here to help with the process.

We can all make mistakes, so let us try to help, as with our experience we may know the best way to fix it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and you could end up innocently causing more problems. So don’t go blindly making more errors or using external systems as a simple way to solve your own problem, whilst creating unnecessary problems or damage to other users or to Squeaky.

Get in touch with Squeaky support at (this email is better than the contact form as lots of spam hits that, and your message may go into our spam folder unintentionally.)

We need our users to be responsive and act promptly, and to communicate well, with kindness and respect. Communication with the Squeaky team is also key. If the team asks a question, by email or on a listing comment, always reply as promptly as possible.

Make sure your email address is up to date and is working fully, and that you can receive notifications and emails from the marketplace system and from Squeaky. Make sure that our emails are not going into your spam box.

Your account profile page should show which country you are based in.

Everyone depends on the written word and the pictures in a sales listing so make sure it is always clear, detailed, and complete, and accurate.

Squeaky may have to make an edit (e.g. listing title or display name) in order to make it more explanatory or unique. Don’t make changes to any SQUEAKY edits. Reach out to us about it if there is something you aren’t happy about.

Once an item is submitted for listing, you will need to be checking your listing comments. Scroll down your listing regularly to see any comments from the SQUEAKY team or from potential buyers. Check your emails for system notifications, or, check your account daily to see them in your inbox.

If you know you will not be able to be available ( e.g. away on holiday or off ill), pause your listings by closing them and then re-opening when you’re active again. Or, ask SQUEAKY to do it for you – it’s all part of the service!

Try to respond as soon as possible, and within 3 days maximum.

We expect our sellers to answer all comments, even if you feel it is unnecessary because other users are watching to see if you are active or not. If you are active, even with a very short response, then it encourages more action from others, so it’s a win-win.

If a seller misses a sale through no action, or doesn’t answer any direct email or listing comment from the Squeaky team, or comment on a listing by Squeaky then it is assumed a buyer would also not get a response, then we have to close the listing.

If you are a buyer requesting a pricing change, please don’t just disappear after the seller has taken the trouble to change their listing for you.

If the moderator feels that a buyer is continually stringing sellers along, not responding, or never getting to the point of buying, then their account may also be disabled.

Keep all communication kind, positive, and respectful.

This isn’t a chatty site – messages should be simple and clear, and only about transacting with the listing (item detail, international shipping quotes, or bids for the item).

All pre-sales messages must be publicly seen as comments at the bottom of all listings.

Try not to waste sellers time by asking questions already answered in the listing or listing comments.

For the safety and security of our community, personal information must not be offered, shared, requested, or disclosed to any other users on your profile, your listing, in messages, images, or even within the transaction messaging (apart from delivery details). This includes emails, phone numbers & social media info. After payment is pre-authorized, the buyer can enter delivery address and any packaging requirements privately -only the seller and Squeaky can see it.

If personal information is offered, requested, or even shared, do not respond – Squeaky will deal with it.


In order to protect both buyers and sellers, we need to see all communications between buyer and seller so if there is any indication that we may not see it all, then we can’t know what could have been discussed between buyer and seller, so we can’t offer any unbiassed help or be able protect you.

We do understand that within the transaction there may be other information you want to add but cannot, so if that’s the case then you need to email, and let’s see what we can do to help.

Do not advertise any other businesses, and do not encourage any other connection outside the marketplace.

Speak to the Squeaky team about any issues or errors and try to get them solved within the marketplace. Wait until Squeaky has advised that there is nothing else that can be done within the marketplace to resolve your problem, before you go elsewhere to solve it (otherwise you could be unknowingly causing problems for other users or for Squeaky.)

Everything you need to operate securely through the marketplace is already in place. If there is any indication that trading outside that marketplace is offered by the seller, or requested by the buyer, the moderator can disable the account with immediate effect.

Do not try to arrange payment outside of the marketplace – by staying in the secure payment system you have any protections they offer, and we will have a record of the buyer/seller message exchange, in case of any disputes.

The payment systems will pre-authorize your funds for each and every time you request to purchase so buyers should only make one purchase for the same item and wait then for the seller to accept or reject it.

Buyers should check any extra import fees they may have to pay outside the marketplace,, before hitting the BUY button.

Sellers should only accept one request to purchase the same item (accept one and reject any others – even if it is from the same buyer).

Sellers must not ask buyers to complete the transaction or write a review before the item has been received and the buyer has examined the item.

Buyers must request an international shipping quote, by way of a message to the seller on the listing, and then, if agreed with the seller, wait for the listing to be edited with the new shipping price before hitting the buy button.

PayPal buyers should not change the address auto-filled by the PayPal payment system. For protection purposes, the item must be delivered to the address registered with the buyer’s PayPal account so you should change the address on PayPal first, before starting a transaction.

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