The story behind Squeaky Clean Toys – how did it all start ?


Icky & Yucky… or Shrewd & Smart?


The original back story of how SQUEAKY CLEAN TOYS began wasn’t our own, but it’s what got this off the ground.

Then read on to see how the heck we ended up really owning it.

The story...

“In a frenzy of house decluttering, we came across one stubborn box that remained a mystery – it was our collection of naughty adult toys. And there were a LOT. We had old favorites that got replaced by newer models, some that we tried but didn’t quite work for us, some that we never used and were never opened, and more.

So we tallied up the potential value of these unwanted toys and were shocked by what lay in front of us – many of the toys were high-end, designer toys (Lelo, We-vibe, Womanizer, etc) that we had spent between $100-200 on. It was a gold mine!…or so we thought.

At a dinner party later that week, the topic of decluttering came up and to our surprise, our “mystery box” issue quickly became a hot topic. Suddenly, between the six of us, we were thrown into a Sherlock Holmes thriller, each thinking of ways we could each cash in on our fortune.

Surely we could figure out this puzzle!

Yet, after an hour of brainstorming and problem-solving, we were left scratching our heads and we realised that there was no online marketplace for selling our used and unwanted adult toys. And worse, no easy solution after all

So, Squeaky Clean Toys was set up with the intention of solving this “mystery box” dilemma once and for all. We imagined a marketplace where buyers and sellers could easily (and cheaply) both buy and sell adult toys online discreetly. There would be a secure payments system, easily searchable categories (toys, clothing, bondage, better sex, etc.), affordable commissions, anonymity, good customer support, and an opportunity for people to cash in on otherwise unwanted items.

We learned a heck of a lot more about sex and toys – stuff we should all have known but our lives were too busy in other ways. The variety of toys for a start – it´s mind-blowing and exciting, and the importance of the material they´re made up of – it´s scary and enlightening! 

Our own stash was all top-notch silicone, till more recently we were tempted by a cool-looking transparent jelly dildo ( well that went promptly into the trash once we learned how to pick a body-safe toy.) Not so cool !!!”

How the heck we ended up owning it.

We started this by helping someone else set this up to see if it was a viable business – we are the tech behind the scenes and the support guiding the users through the process.  As we all learned about the enormous sex toy world, it was clear that it was going to be a difficult to get it right. The original owner had sold all their toys, and with all this new knowledge they were was no longer interested in navigating their way through those tricky waters. On the other hand, we were doing the nitty gritty work, and in touch with the users every day. We had a definite view about the direction we wanted this business to go in, in order to bring it to as many people as possible in the most sex-positive way.

For us it’s been a mind-blowing journey and at some point we already felt that we owned it… and we didn’t want to let go. So we bought it and started our own journey. We never expected the seemingly boring jobs we have, to end up here! We love what life’s twists and turns can bring, but we never expected this!

And who are we all to judge?

Naturally, we thought, many people will have a strong opinion about buying and selling unwanted adult toys. There will be questions too – is it an “icky idea” or actually a very savvy idea? Of course there will be those that think the idea is gross, but, when over 51% of people in the USA are reported to own at least one of these toys, the big question we kept coming back around to was “how could we help over half the population that probably has this same predicament?”


What a journey!

The initial reality opened the Pandora’s box up! We spent a lot of our days working out what Squeaky does not represent, as much as developing what it does. We’ve learned about the mass consumerism of cheap and nasty throw away ones vs. the waste of so many good quality toys sitting in a drawer unused. We discovered the beauty of the design, and the care and attention that the best or more modern manufacturers take. The unexpected medical nature and health benefits that many of the toys help people with! The amazing insight into the fantasy, and collectors worlds. But mostly, we now realize the diverse self discovery journeys that these amazing toys can facilitate for so many people.

Because it is a topic that carries a stigma, most people are simply not aware of how a sex toy can help them physically, or how they can help you know your own body, have a better your relationship with it, and as well as with a partner. The real value of owning the right toys for you is more than just saving money or the planet. So we’re staying focused on all those positive reasons why we’ve taken this on!

The story continues.

Our daily reading now revolves around self development and sex toys – how the world uses or views them, and how we can help. We research everything through the fabulous scientific data & medical staff, and sex bloggers that are dedicating their lives to the goodness and positivity of sex.

We´re hooked, and we want to be part of that sex-positive, “open the world´s eyes” movement in our own small way.

Always keeping things professional, clean, simple & secure, we´ll do our utmost to help every member as much as we possibly can in this brave new world of squeaky clean second-hand, sex-related gear. There are loads of sex toys out there to help us grow sexually ( and believe me it´s never too late to start !). It´s just a matter of keeping trying them so you can keep refining that perfect toy box. We´re going to help you afford to do that!

Overall, our mission is to help you live a better, happier sex life, and make a little extra money too, of course in a very practical, discreet, and safe way. We require that all toys be disinfected or sterilized by both the seller before dispatch, and by the buyer once they receive the toy.

But keep in mind, many of these toys have hardly been used – they’re stashed away in some mystery box and can´t wait for “play time.”

It´s time to be bold & brave. So saddle up, take a chance, and have some fun!

You may find exactly what you’ve been waiting for 🙂

“The only place where private individuals can buy and sell clean and sterilized, used or nearly new, body-safe adult items –  in a really simple, discreet, and secure way.”

We are always looking for feedback and ways to improve the future of Squeaky Clean Toys, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us at We’re always just one click away!