Body-Safe Policy

There are different ways to be body-safe and you will hear the words toxic, porous, and body-safe all thrown around. Please see our blog article to understand in more depth what they all mean.

Essentially, what we all want is for a toy to be as functionally, chemically, and hygienically safe as possible.So we will not list items that we feel are a known toxic danger to us all, and we ask our buyers to buy new replaceable parts of porous toys so that they can be ultra-safe on the sanitation side. We will strictly ask for the highest level of sanitation for all other items that are insertable.

This is our up-to-date policy, but our listing approvals are not all automatic. The underlying payment systems do a great job protecting the buy & sell transaction so everyone can have peace of mind. On top of that,  the Squeaky time are researching the brand and material of every item already in the database. Sellers need to define the brand and the material correctly and provide us with enough evidence where necessary in order to gain faster approval. 

So bear with us as we go through every single listing to check compliance. Thank-you.

 Toxic items

Firstly, all items must be phthalate-free. Also, if the toy is an insertable item ( e.g. dildos, vibrators, dolls, plugs ) made of jelly (includes gel or sil-a-gel) or a softened PVC ( i.e. regular PVC not hard uPVC) where it comes into contact with the body, then it is not allowed to be listed.

Insertable items that are painted, or so thinly coated with metal that it could chip off, are also not acceptable. ( It is more difficult to assess this online, so buyers should also ask questions of the seller, and be aware of the brand reputation when it comes to these items.

[ By insertable items, we mean items you can insert into yourself or items you insert yourself into. So that means dildos, butt plugs, dolls, and masturbators to name a few. You know what we mean! ]



Porous items

If a used, item has porous rubber or elastomer parts (including TPE or TPR) then these parts should be available to buy elsewhere, as new replacement parts ( for example, new sleeves to use with a masturbator item). We recommend that buyers of a used, porous toy like this, should replace these parts with new ones to use with it.

To be clear – used, insertable items ( such as dildos, vibrators, plugs, dolls etc. ), which are also made of porous rubber or elastomer – will no longer be approved for listing. But if the item is brand new and unopened, then this does not apply.



From July 7 2021, if an insertable item has been used ( even once ! ), the seller must sterilize the item ( i.e boil, bleach or UV – see our guide ) before dispatching it to the buyer.


General Hygiene

We do not accept broken toys. We also do not accept opened or partially used liquids, lubricants, gels, creams, or pastes.



Unbranded ‘insertable´toys will no longer be accepted.

A body-safe future 

As we all get more confident and knowledgeable about the safety of the material used in sex toys, a great new wave of people is rising up to ensure the material that goes inside our most intimate body parts is as safe as possible.We applaud and support this. So far, some suppliers have also improved their materials, others have not, and there is a big grey area in between. 


Our own position

This is not a marketplace for commercial sellers, it is for real individuals selling their own toys. Our position is unique because we list second-hand items. You will find some items are still brand new and unopened, they were just unwanted, and other items are used, to varying degrees. 


What we want as responsible operators 

We want to make sure that we do not perpetuate the use of any items that we feel are no longer safe enough. We also feel a responsibility to help both our private sellers and buyers, and not so we will keep up with the research, and try to make it easier for everyone by having a strict policy on the subject.


What you want as users 

Our buyers want to be confident that the brand is reputable, the material is not toxic, and the condition of the toy is sterile when they receive it.

We also want to help our sellers to sell, so we act as a buyer and look for the item on the internet. If we cannot find it, or if we do find it and it doesn’t comply then we can no longer list it.

We have been giving our sellers time to provide us with clear evidence of the brand and material from the manufacturer´s site (not Amazon ie eBay), and every day, old listings that do not comply are being deleted by the system. New listings will not be approved until we are as sure as a buyer would be, that the item complies with both the body-safe policy and general listing requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Contact us

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