by LISA SFARTMAN   (April 2023)

Les sextoys de seconde main, une alternative moins chère et plus écolo ?

…En France en 2020, 51 % des Français âgés de 18 à 69 ans confiaient avoir déjà utilisé un sextoy,…
…Même l’OMS a affirmé que « la santé sexuelle était fondamentale à la santé et au bien-être général des personnes…

…In France in 2020, 51% of French people aged 18 to 69 said they had already used a sex toy…
…Even the WHO has asserted that “ sexual health is fundamental to people’s overall health and well-being ”.

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by REDACTIE ONLINE   (April 2023)

Tweedehands seksspeeltjes? Dezewebshop specialiseert zich erin

…Als er één ding is dat we liever privé én helemaal nieuw houden, dan zijn het wel seksspeeltjes en andere intieme voorwerpen. Maar er valt toch wat te zeggen voor Squeaky Clean Toys.
…specialiseert zich niet alleen in seksspeeltjes, maar ook in sexy ondergoed en andere accessoires die in bed maar al te goed van pas komen.

…If there’s one thing we prefer to keep private and completely new, it’s sex toys and other intimate objects. But there is something to be said for Squeaky Clean Toys.
…not only specializes in sex toys, but also in sexy underwear and other accessories that come in handy in bed.

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ELLE (BE) magazine

by CAMILLE VERNIN   (April 2023)

Le premier site de vente de sextoys d’occasion vient de voir le jour

..l’hygiène ne concerne pas que les sextoys d’occasion. L’exemple des smartphones de seconde main revient souvent. Alors que 40% des utilisateurs profitent de leur téléphone aux toilettes, peu pensent à le désinfecter en le rachetant à quelqu’un. Pourtant, selon une étude récente de l’Université de Californie à San Diego, un iPhone abriterait jusqu’à 17 fois plus de bactéries qu’une cuvette de toilettes publiques. Miam.
…mais surtout plus écoresponsables. En effet, chaque année, ce sont plus de 3 millions de sextoys qui sont jetés en Europe.

…hygiene does not only concern second-hand sex toys. The example of second-hand smartphones comes up often. While 40% of users use their phone in the toilet, few think of disinfecting it by buying it from someone. However, according to a recent study from the University of California at San Diego, an iPhone harbors up to 17 times more bacteria than a public toilet bowl. Yum.
…more affordable, but above all more eco-responsible. Indeed, each year, more than 3 million sex toys are thrown away in Europe.

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INSIDER magazine

by JULIA NAFTULIN   (April 2023)

Buying used sex toys can save you big bucks. Experts reveal what’s safe to buy and what you should skip.

…While sex toy brand LELO sells its Hugo prostate massager for $219, the same model is available on Squeaky Clean Toys for $90 …
…after the researchers let the clean sex toys sit out for 24 hours, they retested them and found no traces of HPV on the silicone ones, while 40% of TPE vibrators still had traces of the STI….

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ELLE (FR) magazine

by MARGAUX RAVARD   (March 2023)

Un site Internet propose désormais des sextoys d’occasion à la vente

…Les vendeurs doivent donc accepter de stériliser leur produit avec précaution avant de l’expédier. Une fois qu’il est reçu, le destinataire doit lui aussi procéder à un nettoyage approfondi…
…Acheter des sextoys d’occasion peut se révéler utile pour réduire l’émission de déchets…

…Sellers must therefore agree to carefully sterilize their product before shipping it. Once received, the recipient must also carry out a thorough cleaning…
…Buying second-hand sex toys can be useful in reducing waste emissions…

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by LA ZONE MAZAURETTE  (March 2023)

Squeaky, la plateforme qui veut vous faire…

…Règles sanitaires…1. Sextoys stérilisables uniquement… 3. Charte de nettoyage…

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(February 2023)

Hot topics: Would you buy a used sex toy?

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by Romain Challand  (March 2023)

Un site internet permet d’acheter des sextoys de seconde main

…la plateforme met en relation vendeurs et acheteurs, et énonce des règles strictes.
…Pour garantir la réputation du site, et protéger les consommateurs, Squeaky Clean Toys ne lésine pas sur les règles d’hygiène. 
…Seuls les matériaux non poreux de haute qualité peuvent être répertoriés pour les jouets intimes, et la plupart des objets vendus sur le site sont en verre, en acier ou en silicone.

…the platform connects sellers and buyers, and sets out strict rules.
…To guarantee the site’s reputation and protect consumers, Squeaky Clean Toys does not skimp on hygiene rules.
…Only high-quality, non-porous materials can be listed for intimate toys, and most items sold on the site are made of glass, steel, or silicone.

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LE BONBON magazine

by Auriane Camus  (March 2023)

Cette plateforme vend des sex-toys… de seconde main

…Attendez avant de crier au dégoût, ça pourrait peut-être vous intéresser.
…C’est un peu le Vinted du sex-toy quoi.
…il semblerait qu’on ait tout à y gagner : plus abordables, plus écoresponsables et pas moins hygiéniques que le neuf, les sextoys d’occasion ont tout pour convaincre.

…Wait before screaming in disgust, it might interest you.
…It’s a bit like the Vinted of sex toys.
…it seems that we have everything to gain: more affordable, more eco-responsible and no less hygienic than new, second-hand sex toys have everything to convince.

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VICE magazine

by MARY FRANCES “FRANCKY” KNAPP  (February 2023)

The Second Coming: How to Resell, Repair, and Recycle Your Sex Toys

…The general reaction is sort of, ‘Huh. Wait, actually, that’s a really good idea.’
….It’s the most environmentally-friendly option for purging your sex toy pantry, you can make a buck, and you can make someone’s day by offering luxury toys at prices they can actually afford
…Sellers can actually chat with shoppers about their toy expectations, which also helps the site function as a moderated community board for people to get the specs they want about the toys they might be dropping big money on

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by Jamie F  (Feb 2023)

Would you buy second-hand sex toy?

…reusing sextech products should become normalized, like recycling more ‘traditional’ electronic devices
…While some squeamishness about using pre-loved sextech devices is understandable, the hygiene facts around the issue suggest it’s usually misplaced
…many ‘sex machine’ devices are traded on their site, featuring penetrating attachments that can be obtained separately…

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by Carmen Phillips  (February 2023)

Also.Also.Also: Demand for Lightly Used Dildos Higher Than Anticipated

…readers are often asking us what to do with their old sex toys!
… there is limited space for waste on this planet,
…and the last time I checked most toys were not biodegradable (someone tell me if I’m wrong in the comments!).
…And not all queer couples feel the same about using old toys on multiple partners, etc etc etc. 

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Martha Kempner

SEX ON WEDNESDAY online newsletter

Martha Kempner  (Feb 2023)

Certified Pre-Owned Dildo

And, No, I’m Not Talking About the Texas Judge

For those who like a good Valentine’s Day present,…
a lot of what is on their site is the back-end (pun entirely intended) machinery for powerful sex toys like Sybians … for which a new owner could buy replacement dildos.
It’s highly unlikely that a used sex toy one buys online—which means it hasn’t been used recently—poses a risk for STIs. Moreover, I suppose that using a toy that has been on or in somebody else’s vagina/penis/anus is not all that much different than sleeping with a partner who’s not a virgin as their vagina/penis/anus has been on or in somebody else’s

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by Editor  (Feb 2023)

Can I have a quick show of hands, please…

… In fairness, these people do give the impression that they know what they’re doing
…and there are obvious environmental benefits to handing down your Bad Dragon from generation to generation

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VICE magazine

by HALLIE LIEBERMAN  (January 2023)

Owners of Used Sex Toy Company Swear It’s Not Gross

…They realized if they created a site with secure payments and quality control, they could fill a niche.
…studies show that there’s only a minimal risk of catching an STI from a used, sterilized sex toy if it is made of a non-porous material like silicone and is properly sanitized
…Another used toy enthusiast,… who collects Bad Dragon toys… says price is his main concern, too. He’s not worried about sanitization: He has a “dildo pot” that he fills with water to boil his toys.

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Interview by MARYASEXORA  (May 2022)

Squeaky Clean Toys, second hand toys

at first I related it to something sordid/morbid. But then I reconsidered
I have always said that good things must be shared
…Having the right members is the third most important thing for us…Do you dare to be part of it?

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