We are listing some of our favorite sex blog writers. They’ll all on here for a great reason. Some of these are particularly focused on body-safe sex toys, or reviewers testing an incredible range of toys. Some are sex educators, performers, or write personal stories. Some are writing from a gender-specific or sexual preference or health standpoint.  And some we just find hilarious & creative, or simply hit the right buttons for us.

No particular order to these, the newest ones that we have added will be towards the top of the list.

( The Kinkly.com ranking is based by an algorithm that includes four key data points: site traffic, domain authority. inbound links and scoring from their most recent Sex Blogging Superheroes list. )

kitten boheme

Kitten Boheme


Kinkly rank 61

“Reviews of sex toy and other sex related products that range from quirky to mainstream, with the occasional smattering of Erotica thrown in for good measure.I also write adult film features (award winning even!) and a list of my work can be found the…”

WHY WE LOVE Kitten Boheme


See all the toys listed by Kitten Boheme here.

Cara Sutra


kinkly rank 20

“Cara Sutra is a multi award winning sex blog and magazine from the UK (ETO Awards Best Erotic Journalist 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017- and previously, Xcite Books’ Best Sex Blog 2012).This daily updated blog includes sex toy reviews, sex industry…”


WHY WE LOVE Cara Sutra

“Although I’m perhaps best known for sex toy reviews, I also review sex essentials, bondage gear and sexy lingerie.”

See all the toys listed by Cara Sutra here.

Tawney Seren


“Reviewer, sex Educator, YouTuber, and Author!”

WHY WE LOVE Tawney Seren

See all the toys listed by Tawney Seren here.

Super Smash Cache


Kinkly rank 16

“I’m a critic of sex toys with a penchant for cervical orgasms. Not only have I reviewed OVER 200 of them with brutal honesty — I’ve also helped readers discover the wonders of deep penetration. My guides to cervical orgasms and the A-sp…”

WHY WE LOVE Super Smash Cache

See all the toys listed by Super Smash Cache here.

Auntie Vice


“I am a professional sex writer and blogger. Toys on this site were sent for reviews from the manufacturer.”

WHY WE LOVE Auntie Vice

See all the toys listed by Auntie Vice here.

Nikki Nelson


Kinkly Rank 59

Nikki Nelson is just your average, horny girl- fucking sex toys and letting you know which are worth your time and money.”

WHY WE LOVE Nikki Nelson

See all the toys listed by Nikki Nelson here.

The Red Rocket Girl


T @space_dame

“Your content goes here.”

WHY WE LOVE The Red Rocket Girl

See all the toys listed by the Red Rocket girl here.

Uncensored Kiss


Kinkly.com rank 212
“Uncensored Kiss is focused on making your sex toys easy to understand! Sometimes getting a new toy can be daunting… Uncensored Kiss teaches you the in’s, out’s, if it’s got a travel lock and more! And if you’re curious about and spi…

WHY WE LOVE Uncensored Kiss

See all the toys listed by Uncensored Kiss here.

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