Buying and Selling Used Sex Toys

1. Selling used sex toys

Selling second-hand dresses is ok, selling used sports equipment is ok, so is selling unwanted adult toys ok?


New sex toys used to be quite cheap & cheerful – little novelty items that you could try out and then discard. But they have evolved – boy have they evolved – so now it is very common for many new sex toys to cost over 100 dollars. (Naturally, you can go crazy and buy a 24ct gold vibrator for $3000 but we aren´t sure it gives a better orgasm !). There is a premium range of manufacturers out there, like Lelo, Womanizer, We-Vibe, Njoy, Mr Hankeys, Bad Dragon etc who create beautiful, expensive, and sophisticated adult vibrators and dildos. But despite the fantastic or luxury designs, amazing features, remote controls, luxury silk bags, and outer packaging, there is no guarantee that the object of your desire will bring you any closer to a beautiful orgasm. And so, many of these upmarket adult toys end up relegated to the back of the naughty drawer and never see the light of day again. Second-hand Bad Dragon or Mr Hankeys toys are really sought after and go really quickly on our site. These customisable, often large, and fantastically created dildos and sleeves are popular for both the collectors, and for those moving up toward professional size scale! There is also a new wave of toys led by women entrepreneurs knowing what women want, and are leading the way in simply beautiful, modern, and very importantly body-safe sex toys from places like  . We’re already seeing a wave of second-hand Unbound Babes and Dame sex toys starting now on the marketplace.


How we ended up selling our own sex toys

In a frenzy of house decluttering, we had one stubborn box that we did not know what to do with. It was the little naughty box of some adult toys that we had bought over the past few years. Some toys were unused, some were used once and relegated to the “didn´t work for us” drawer, some were old favorites that had been replaced by newer models. We totted up the cost of these unwanted toys and were shocked by how much value was sitting in our adult toy-box. Many of the toys were high-end, designer toys – think Lelo, We-vibe, Womanizer, etc & we had spent between $100 and $200 on quite a few of them. ( Now we realize how limited we actually were in our choices, when we see the amazing range of adult items that come on to the marketplace! )

At a dinner party later that week, the topic of decluttering came up and we brought up the fact that the “toy chest” was worth a whole heap of money but how the heck could we cash it in. Between the six of us, we realized that we had quite a few toys that were not wanted anymore. We couldn´t find a market online where we could sell our unwanted sex toys, and so we set about creating our own solution. We set up Squeaky Clean Toys for our own benefit, to begin with, and also because we strongly believed that there must be more people out there in the same predicament as the six of us around the dinner table.


Can you return a sex toy?

If you buy a pair of shoes online & they don´t fit right once you try them on, you can return them. But obviously, that is more tricky with a used or unwanted sex toy. There are virtually no manufacturers that will allow you to return an opened box, let alone a “slightly used” sex toy and we can all understand why. You can return a defective used sex toy i.e. it doesn´t switch on, or it fell apart, but it is not usually possible to return it simply because you were left unsatisfied by it. You might get a few places that do  it so do check it out. There are often caveats though, and personally, we didn’t want to have a long in depth chat with some random sales person about our sexual needs in order to find a replacement.


Why do people sell their sex toys?

People sell used sex toys for many reasons – they don´t always sell used adult toys just because the toy didn´t work for them. Think of how many unwanted gifts there are too ! How many partners just get it sooo wrong when they buy you what they want and not what you want – It´s not a complete waste of a present though, at least that starts the whole conversation off about what you do want. But then, when a relationship is all said and done, not many people want to keep using a toy given to them by an ex!

Sometimes people are upgrading – they had a favorite sex toy and a new model comes out with an extra feature, so they upgrade to the new one & the old sex toy is now redundant. This also often happens with entry-level equipment – think about beginners’ bondage kits that are very basic and really just to try out if you like the feeling. If it tickles your fancy, then pretty quickly you are going to want to buy more serious equipment and to sell your slightly used beginner’s bondage equipment.

Also, nowadays, people are far more aware of sustainability & buyers of sex toys do not feel the need to buy new everything – not just buying new sex toys, but they follow the same principles on sports equipment, DIY tools, etc. Sellers of adult toys are also very happy to pass on their used sex toys and to effectively re-cycle them on to somebody else (and to raise cash from an item that is basically no use to them anymore). Given the lack of compostable vibrators at the moment, the best eco solution at the moment is to sell them to somebody else – throwing them into a landfill would be such a waste, and not good for the health of the planet. (see our blog post on how you can Recycle your sex toy.)


Where can you buy and sell used sex toys?

A few places exist where you can buy & sell unwanted adult toys – some are quite wholesome and are simply trading second-hand products that happen to be sex toys. Others are more focused on the kinky side of the business where a lack of cleanliness is seen as a bonus and commands a higher price. At Squeaky Clean Toys, we wanted to position ourselves very strongly at the professional, discreet, functional, and practical end of the market – the products happen to be related to sex toy or accessories, but that doesn´t mean the purpose of the global marketplace is to turn you on.

Amazon and eBay both sell sex toys, but only new toys. Craigslist occasionally sells used sex toys, but basically, there is nothing available on here either.

The only places with some buyers and sellers of sex toys are Facebook and Reddit. Facebook has a small group page for buying and selling used sex toys but it is not very active and there is no mechanism for buying and selling on it – just a selling price in the description and buyers write in the comments if they want to make a counter-offer. Then they have to either put their details out publicly or exchange personal details to take it any further privately. It´s basically a forum where interested buyers and sellers mainly can chat, & possibly buy or sell.

Reddit also has a couple of forums for used sex toys – one for Europe (very quiet)  and one for the US which is a little busier but has the same informal pricing and buying process where you basically exchange comments with each other.

Other than that, we have not found much at all. We´d love you to let us know if you have found any other places to buy and sell them so we can keep this article up to date.


Sell your toy on the live marketplace now

What used sex toys are suitable for buying and selling ?

Some used sex toys lend themselves better to buying and selling. Toys that are used on the outside of the body away from intimate areas are clearly the most suitable – if you think of restraints, blindfolds, etc then they just need a thorough clean and they will be good to go.


Other toys are used in more intimate areas inside the body – like vibrators, dildos, kiegel balls, etc & these need to be thoroughly disinfected or sterilized prior to sale (and then re-disinfected by the buyer prior to use, just to be safe). We have written an article on that explains how to clean used sex toys. Then there are the toys used in the more risky parts of the body such as butt plugs and anal beads. Due to the risk of infections, these need the most careful cleaning prior to sale and prior to use.


When looking at what sex toys are suitable for buying and selling used, care should also be taken with the material they are constructed out of. Silicone is stable and can be disinfected easily, stainless steel, and suitable glass and woods are also great. But some of the very realistic materials that feel like real flesh can be porous e.g. a lot of masturbators, strokers and sex dolls, and therefore can harbor mold and germs. So buyers should take great care must be taken when buying these, and we are very careful about only approving either just the casing for these toys if we know that the buyer can get a new replacement porous part to fit into it, or if it is unused or new and unopened we will allow the sale. A big part of our development ( both personally learning and developing the marketplace ) was to understand this very important subject, and all listings are now only approved if they follow our body-safe policy. We’re picky, and reject more submissions than we accept every day!


There is also the matter of design to consider when choosing items that are ok to sell second-hand. When disinfecting, you will need to take particular care with hidden spots in the construction e.g. battery compartments, switches, etc. Most toys now are really well sealed but just make sure you clean every inch of the toy.


Make sure your marketplace is secure


It is very difficult for other moderators to monitor what is happening on buy & sell forums. Our marketplace software, designed by Sharetribe, allows the sellers to receive cash in their bank accounts (via Stripe) or in their Paypal accounts. (The buyers can pay with debit cards, credit cards, or Paypal and it is important that they can dispute transactions with the sellers if the goods are not as promised).

The devil is in the detail

We have included a lot of fields that you complete when listing your item on the Squeaky Clean Toys website and these give you ample opportunity to describe the item accurately & completely. How often it has been used, is it fully operational, why are you selling it, how have you sterilized it, etc – the more information you give, the more trust you will earn from the buyer. And if you are not honest and you deliver an item that is unclean, only sort-of-working, obviously used far more than the 1 or 2 times that you stated in the listing, guess what the buyer will do – cancel the transaction and give you a bad rating. So, be honest, sell what you say you are selling, sterilize it so it is Squeaky Clean, package it discreetly, and send it promptly & we will all be happy!


Keeping a watchful eye

As operators of the marketplace, we can see all the transactions, all the messages between people and we strongly request that people do not try to make payments outside the official system for their own protection. We can control what gets seen publicly, and private messaging between users is disabled so that all chat is simply on the listings and transactions. It´s not a chat forum, so we like to guide our members as they transact and will delete anything inappropriate.

If we ever find that someone isn´t following the guidelines or processes or if there are repeated complaints against certain buyers or sellers then we have the ability to block them from using the marketplace in the future. You can read a lot of detail about using the marketplacxe in our How it Works guide.


Feedback & Reviews

We have a dedicated team member to jump in and offer members support of advice publicly, or offline by email. The Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace also has a feedback and rating system just like eBay, where the buyer and the seller are both encouraged to leave feedback about how the transaction went & this feedback is visible to all market participants. Already, the marketplace is getting its own Trustpilot reviews too.

So hopefully this helps you to understand how to sell your used sex toys, and make room to be able to explore some more new or used ones too. Read on to section 2 and we´ll explain how to buy unwanted or used sex toys too.


2. Buying used sex toys

If you are happy buying second-hand party dresses, and used ski boots, you definitely should think about buying sterilized, squeaky clean, unwanted sex toys !

In the past, sex toys were hidden away in strange shops with blacked-out windows and people would sneak in and out, petrified of getting seen in such a place. Fast forward to 2021 and sex shops are in nearly every high street, brightly lit and full of happy couples and singles perusing the vast array of toys on the shelves. And now, with more and more people looking for ways to refine their collection in a more sustainable, and less expensive way, we´re moving on again, to developing a more open, streamlined way to do that.

Why people buy used sex toys

People now regard their sex life as just as important as their image, their hygiene, and their relationships – and stimulating and satisfying their sex life is a key component of their happiness.

Saving money, and sustainability are the main reasons people buy second hand. But there is also much less stigma about buying used now because we are all armed with a better knowledge about keeping germs at bay – thanks more recently to Covid – 19, and generally better sex education. We´d like to stick to the facts rather than create more alarmist type articles, so that you can buy, safely armed with as much knowledge as possible. We have a useful guides on this, called Can you get an STI from a sex toy. Read on and we´ll tell you the type of buyers we have.

What exactly are ‘Used’ sex toys?


There are so many definitions for the various states of toys from new to nearly new right down to well worn so let´s get that sorted for you first so you know what you´re buying !

TOP 12 types of “used” & “unwanted” sex toys

USED adult toys

1. You opened it, tried it out & didn´t like it.

2. You tried it out a few times and still it didn´t do it for you.

3. You´re exploring your sexuality individuality or as a couple, but realise you weren´t ready for this toy – yet !

4. You liked it, used it, and have now decided to upgrade or your needs have changed or developed (whoopdeedoop!) but it´s still in great order so clean it up and pass it on so you can get something else (new, or used ) to satisfy you.

5. It was bought by an ex-partner and you don´t want to be reminded of them.

UNWANTED adult toys (may be opened or unopened)

6. You bought the toy, opened it, read the manual, switched it on and off, but decided it´s not what you want. But it is NOT used.

7. You bought the wrong thing and it´s obvious when you see it through the packaging (too big!).

8. It was bought by someone else and not your choice, so left unopened and unwanted.

9. Fake “unwanted” , or some commercial seller posing as private seller, or a shop closed down and is selling stock on (we don´t allow any of these on our marketplace).

10. You get given too many gifts from admirers !

11. You simply have too many of the same types of toys and want a change. There are so many more choices coming out now!

12. You want to upgrade – perhaps to one of those modern sex toys that are more compact, or powerful, or don’t even look vaguely sexual – more like innocent toys or even ornaments!

Bonus #13

13. You’re a collector and want to add to, or change the collection (for example – Fantasy Toy collection.) 

The Squeaky experience

We recently had a buyer totally thrilled to find a Lelo first-generation toy she had always wanted – but it was no longer made. To top off the experience she said the seller was AWESOME, having wrapped it with such care that it looked like it had never been used at all!

We didn´t expect to get broken toys either, and if we feel it’s completely broken and pointless then we don´t approve it for the marketplace. But it might still be usable, so we do have our sellers declare the working order of their toy, so it´s there, declared, alongside the completely unopened ones, the unwanted ones, the slightly used ones, and the well-used ones. The choice is yours to buy or not.

Who buys used sex toys ?

As toys have become more specialized and as the buyers have gained knowledge about what they want & what suits them, the chances of buying the ´wrong´ sex toy have also increased.

So you spend $150 on the toy, get home with it, try it, and then feel thoroughly deflated when you know it is not the right toy for you. You may have seen 500 reviews on Lovehoney, Reddit, YouTube, etc, but just because it worked for 500 other people doesn´t mean it will float your boat.

In the past, your only course of action was to relegate the unsatisfactory toy to the back of the naughty drawer (because most shops will not let you return a used sex toy – and if they don´t want to be giving all your personal details to a shop or have to chat about your preferences so that they can give you an alternative).

We started Squeaky Clean Toys because of this exact problem – we had several almost brand new unwanted, but perfectly working sex toys and they were worth several hundred dollars and sat at the back of the bedroom drawer doing nothing for anybody.

A dinner party with friends (during a decluttering time in our lives) brought up the topic of what to do with unwanted sex toys, and between the 6 of us, we had $800 of unloved adult toys that we did not use. We had looked for a marketplace to sell the toys, and also tried to find somebody to buy used sex toys, but there was nothing available that was any good. So we set up Squeaky Clean Toys, primarily for people in our position. If the six of us facing this problem, then there must be a lot more people out there with the same predicament.

The 3 main types of buyers of used sex toys.

1. The shrewd and smart

The first group (the people we have as clients on Squeaky Clean Toys) are simply buying and selling second-hand products that happen to be sex toys. Extremely popular but expensive toys are like RealCock items go in a flash ! Toys that are out of stock, or discontinued are also really sought after. Not all updated models of toys are seen as good progress either. We recently had a buyer want a previous model because the buttons on the new model looked sleek but were so recessed that it absolutely hurts your fingers.

2. People wanting to buy heavily used, or recently used sex toys

The other group (not our clients !) are certainly not looking for “squeaky clean” and are often happy to pay a premium for the lack of cleanliness.

At Squeaky Clean Toys, we have positioned ourselves very strongly at the professional, discreet, functional, and practical end of the market – the product happens to be a sex toy but that doesn´t mean the marketplace is there for titillation (there´s an “old school” word for you !).

3. Collectors

Whilst some people want to declutter and focus on just a few items, others people just like to collect them and fill up their toy box, especially if they can buy them at a bargain price !

Some toys are very collectible, and revered so much that they may have never even be used.  Custom made toys like Bad Dragon style / fantasy items are particularly collectible.


Why are there used sex toys for sale ?

Back in the day, sex toys were cheap, cheerful, and functional and so it was not a big problem if one didn´t work too well. Buyers were also far less demanding because there was not a lot of choice and, let´s face it, something is better than nothing. But in the past 20 years, sex toys have evolved massively so now there are a million toys that cover every possible requirement.

Sex toy returns – maybe you can, and maybe you can´t !

That´s the big issue – can you actually return a sex toy ? We researched all the big companies and while, on the surface, it looks like you can, within reason, within timelines, you might have to go through hoops to do it. One company say they will let you return a toy and they will replace it – but you have to have a good long chat with one of their experts about exactly what it is that you are looking for… we are not sure we would like to have that chat with a stranger – even if they are an expert !

Inexpensive sex toys – makes it easy to buy more toys

Sellers aren´t always selling used adult toys just because the toy didn´t work for them. Sometimes people are upgrading – maybe they bought a replacement of their favorite toy because there is a new model, etc. Also, people buy entry-level sex toys if they are starting out e.g. a buying a bondage beginners kit, or buying a basic vibrator, but if they find they like it, they will outgrow the basic beginners kit or the vibrator, and want more advanced equipment. For buyers, the used toy marketplace allows them to buy used sex toys at a very reduced price (always a good thing), and also the ability to buy an adult toy without the same financial pressure that spending $200 can cause people to feel !

Expensive sex toy bargains

As buyers, we have also become more sophisticated in what we want and also what we demand & expect from our sex toys. The downside is that the amazing development of toys has meant that prices have also rocketed and not it is quite common to see prices of a single toy be between $100 and $200. Brands such as Lelo, nJoy, We-vibe, and Bad Dragon are just a few of the premium brands that have exquisite, beautiful products to sell, but they do have that hefty price tag that can make you go weak at the knees (but not in a good way !).

Have a look at the live marketplace now

Where you can buy used sex toys ?


You cannot buy used sex toys on Amazon or on eBay (only new toys can be sold on both of these sites)

Buying used sex toys on Facebook, Reddit, and Craigslist

Facebook has a small group page for buying and selling used sex toys. It is not very active and there is no mechanism for buying and selling on it – just a selling price in the description and buyers write in the comments if they want to make a counter-offer. It´s basically a forum where interested buyers and sellers can chat & possibly buy / sell.

Reddit also has a couple of forums for used sex toys – one for Europe (very quiet) and one for the US which is a little busier but has the same informal pricing and buying process where you basically exchange comments with each other.

Craigslist has a few items scattered around its listings, but not many at all.

Other than that, we have not found much at all.

Buy from a marketplace that is discreet and secure

We looked at a Facebook post where somebody was selling a used sex doll for $500 and three or 4 buyers were interested and were asking questions.

Then somebody commented saying “Why is this still for sale – I paid you for it and you delivered nothing !”. Well, actually I think they wrote “you delivered f***ing nothing !”. It is very difficult to monitor what is happening with the actual transaction on buy & sell forums. They´re just a place to gather and chat about a particular topic, but have nothing to do with the actual buying and selling part.

3 top tips to buy used toys securely

1. Use a secure payment system, and don´t be tempted or persuaded to go outside it. It may look like you will save some money by avoiding commission, or being offered something etc. but a well-controlled marketplace should have the ability to see all the conversations, to ban users who break the rules, etc. Marketplaces like the Squeaky Clean Toys also have added protection for you on the financial side too.

2. Don´t use friends and family on Paypal – it leaves you totally exposed because it is the wrong tool for buying & selling goods. It was designed for transferring money between family & friends.

3. Your seller has to be set up as a business/premier account on PayPal to allow maximum security. ( That´s easy to do and they don’t have to actually have a business to do it – it´s just the name for a premier account.)

How to make secure transactions on Squeaky Clean Toys

Our marketplace, designed by Sharetribe, allows sellers to receive cash in their bank accounts (via Stripe) or in their Paypal accounts. Buyers can pay with debit cards, credit cards, or Paypal and can dispute transactions with the sellers if the goods are not as promised.

As operators of the marketplace, we can see all the transactions, all the messages between people and we strongly request that people do not try to make payments outside the official system for their own protection. If we find that there are repeated complaints against certain buyers or sellers then we have the ability to block them from using the marketplace in the future. If you have questions, why not take a look at our blog post on FAQs – the answer might be there already, if not… get in touch!

Once your transaction is finished, the website allows you to leave feedback for the seller, and a 1 – 5 star rating., just like on Amazon. This encourages all the market participants to make maximum efforts to behave well & to deliver exactly what they promised. This feedback is visible to all market participants.
While this article hopefully helps you to start to buy used sex toys, we also have a blog article on the Squeaky website that explains how to sell used sex toys.

4 top tips to buy used sex toys discreetly on the Squeaky Clean Toys site

1. We don´t use a social media platform your family and friends also use, or can easily find you on, or one that might collect your data so it can target market to you. You don´t want an ad for sex toys popping up on your screen at the wrong time!

2. Use can use an anonymous profile name, and don´t enter any more personal details than you have to. With Squeaky Clean Toys, it´s helpful to us to have some details in case we need to contact you regarding an item you´re buying, but we state clearly which details are shown in public, and we show very little.

3. We don’t need your location when you join. We just want to know which country you are in so that we can know generally where our members are so as to support you better. As a seller you just need to state the country the item is located in. Buyers only have to  put in delivery details privately to the seller when they need to ship the item to you, and you can message the seller to discuss how you would like it to be packaged. Everything has to be sent by online tracking so you can see when it will arrive and be ready!

4. Everyone has to use the public message board to ask general questions about an item. There is no private messaging enabled between members so no-one will bother you on that. in fact, we don’t allow personal details or social media details to be shared anywhere. Everything is heavily monitored, and deleted if necessary, and users can be banned if they do this.

Sex toy safety

Body safe sex toys

This is a big topic at the moment about the materials the toys are made from. Which ones are best for putting inside your body, and which ones are safest to buy second-hand.
We list all the types for our sellers to tick and for you to see clearly before you buy.
Generally, sex toys made out of silicone are good for sterilizing, as are stainless steel, hard plastics, glass, and varnished wood toys. You need to be more careful with the sex toys made out of the soft, flesh-like material called TPE because it can have tiny pores / holes in the material that can harbor germs. It is all in the cleaning guide on the blog so just educate yourself about what you are buying and how you need to make sure it is safe for you to use.
Then there are the more risky toys that are bought as used sex toys – e.g. butt plugs, and anal beads. Depending on the material, these can still be sterilized (do look at the guide on our blog !), but do just be extra careful that they are completely sterilized – although that message applies to the sellers (sterilize them twice !), we also advise our buyers to sterilize them twice as well. Buying a UVC sterilizer might be a great investment if you´re going to buy and sell a lot.

Porous vs non porous

In terms of the best toys for sterilizing, that mostly boils down to ( no pun intended ! ) porous vs. non porous, and how well you can clean a toy that is porous. So we ask our sellers to declare the material in this way, and how it has been cleaned or sterilized for you.

So which used sex toys are suitable for buying second-hand?

Some toys lend themselves better to being bought used. Good examples would be toys that you can use on the outside of your body – like handcuffs, blindfolds, etc. These would just need a thorough clean with warm water and soap, or a toy cleaner, and they would be good to go.
Toys like dildos and vibrators, are used on more intimate areas of the body and so they clearly need to be thoroughly disinfected or sterilized by the seller, and then re-sterilized by the buyer prior to use, just to be safe.
The listings on the Squeaky Clean Toys website will show exactly how the seller has cleaned / disinfected / sterilized their toy prior to the sale. There is a detailed blog post on that explains how to clean used sex toys.


Top 5 used toys to buy

1. External bondage toys e.g. handcuffs, blindfolds, nipple clamps. Easily cleaned, used externally.

2. Lingerie / costumes / corsets. Can be laundered and thoroughly cleaned before sale.

3. External toys e.g. cock rings, chastity cages.

4. Dildos – although internally used, they can be sterilized by boiling or bleaching because they have no motors inside. (non-porous only)

5. Vibrators – if made of silicone or glass or steel, they can be sterilized effectively – take care of hidden areas e.g. battery compartment.

6. Butt plugs / prostate massagers. Extra care needed to ensure they are made of good quality non-porous materials, and that really thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

7. Fleshlights / male masturbators / TPE toys. Generally porous and therefore difficult to sterilize effectively. So we mostly only support new items or ones that have replaceable parts.

8. Sex Machines. The parts that matter are the attachments – some high quality machines can come with TPE/TPR attachments that cannot be sterilized. Always use silicone attachments. We have a blog post on buying & selling sex machines that is full of help & info.





Buyers of used sex toys have told us that it has allowed them to be far more adventurous with what toys they have bought, and it has allowed them to feel it is ok to buy something that may, or may not, be right for them. To have spent much less money on an unwanted adult toy than you would have spent on a new one allows you a certain freedom to try out more things and to feel ok if it doesn´t work for you. Plus, if it doesn´t work for you, then just resell the sext toy on the Squeaky Clean Toys used toy marketplace and buy something else instead.

Don´t overthink the process !

The sex toy you are buying has come from a previous owner, but you shouldn´t get too hung up on that. They will be cleaning it thoroughly before they sell it and you will be cleaning it thoroughly once you receive it.
The seller is probably somebody very normal, just like the buyer, and there are so many reasons why the item is for sale. Many of these reasons are very mundane such as “I ordered the wrong size”, or “I tried it once but it didn´t suit me”, or “I bought it as a present for my partner but they didn´t want to use it”, etc, etc. Many times the items are only used a couple of times – most of us can tell pretty quickly if a toy is not suitable for what we are looking for! On the Squeaky Clean Toys website, we do ask the sellers to state why they are selling the toy, what the condition is, and how it has been cleaned.

Buying AND selling

We actively encourage our clients to consider both sides of the marketplace – buying and selling used sex toys. Sellers can sell their existing toys on Squeaky, then buy something else that they may enjoy more, and buyers can buy items & if they don´t like them then they can resell them on the used toy marketplace. It allows people to refine their toy collection, building the collection that is perfect for them.


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