Buying & Selling a Bad Dragon Dildo


A Kaiju-themed Bad Dragon, based on the three-headed dragon, Orochi. It’s not long out, but already a classic, and we’ve sold the last of three we had in the fantasy section of the marketplace.

What a Bad Dragon dildo is, the Bad Dragon range, how you care for them, where can you buy & sell them, and more.


What is a Bad Dragon toy?


Bad Dragon toys are fantasy themed sex toys. The company believe in making fantasy toys available to everybody & were founded in 2008. Unusually, for most sex toy manufacturers, they are really strong on customization. Most of the Bad Dragon range of dildos are available in a variety of colors, sizes, & firmnesses. They also have  innovative features such as the cum-tube which allows a squirt of thick sperm-like lubricant to shoot out of the end of the dildos while they are in use.

How to Buy a new Bad Dragon Toy?

New Bad Dragon toys can only be bought directly from the Bad Dragon website. Order carefully because you are not able to return any toys, unless they are actually defective.

By all accounts, it doesn’t seem to be easy to get a Bad Dragon that you really want and this is probably why the second-hand market is so popular for these items.

Why the Squeaky Clean Toys Marketplace is the best place to buy a Bad Dragon

If you are wanting to buy a second-hand Bad Dragon then  we have many of them passing through the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace. There are never too many on the listings because they are sold almost as soon as they are listed! All the used Bad Dragons are sterilized by the sellers prior to shipping and your payments are protected because we only allow buyers and sellers to use Stripe & Paypal goods & services.

There are other social media forums and chat sites on the internet that allow you to buy and sell used toys but none of them are professional marketplaces with all the controls that exist at Squeaky Clean Toys. Only the sellers pay a 20-23% commission when they sell their toy.

Buyers pay $0 to join and $0 commission to buy through Squeaky Clean Toys, and the payment is simple and secure for both the buyer and the seller.

Because Squeaky has a strong body-safe policy for the toys that we allow onto the marketplace, Bad Dragon´s are exactly the quality of toy that we are looking for. Also, the buyers and sellers are great participants – they know what they want, they read how the marketplace functions, their listings are thorough and complete, and their transactions proceed smoothly & easily. (See our How it Works guide for more information on the functioning of the marketplace). It’s a great partnership between the Bad Dragon toy buyers & sellers and the Squeaky marketplace!

 1. Sign up as a user on the site – it’s free and takes just 1 minute.

2. Go to the category of Sex Toys & select Fantasy Dildos (e.g. Bad Dragon)

3. Find the item that you want to buy

4. Click on the big BUY button at the top of the screen. If you want to offer a lower price, you can make a comment on the listing and if the seller is happy to accept your offer then they can adjust the price before you hit the BUY button.

5. Once you hit the BUY button, put in your payment details & the delivery address.

6. The seller will give you a tracking number and, when  you  receive the Bad Dragon toy, you inspect it and mark the transaction as complete.

7. You can now review the seller.

1. Sign up as a user on the site – it’s free and takes just 1 minute.

2. Click on the List an Item button at the top of the screen.

3. Enter all the details of your toy, including your own photos.

4. When a buyer enters a bid, you will be notified.

5. Pack the item securely & discreetly and send it with online tracking.

6. Once the buyer recieves the item and it is approved, they will mark the transaction as complete & you will receive your money (less the  Squeaky Clean Toys commission).


If you have any questions, our FAQ guide may have the answers. If not, please get in touch.

The Bad Dragon Range of Fantasy Toys





Lil’ Vibes

Lil’ Squirts

Accessories & Merchandise

Bad Dragon Dildos

Tentacle type toys are really popular, we always have some Ika-style toys coming onto the marketplace on both the sales listings and want-to-buy listings. We’ve also sold this style as a Bad Dragon sleeve!

Bad Dragon dildos 2022 – list of current models

Bad Dragon dildos form the bulk of the Bad Dragon fantasy toy model range. As of 2022, there are 62 different dildo models in the range. You can specify the size, colors, and firmness of almost all of them to customize them to your exact desires.

Bad Dragon Sveinn
Bad Dragon Archer
Bad Dragon David´s Paw
Bad Dragon Helius
Bad Dragon Bishop
Bad Dragon Habu
Bad Dragon Vector
Bad Dragon Meng
Bad Dragon Duke´s Paw
Bad Dragon John
Bad Dragon Baron
Bad Dragon Orochi
Bad Dragon Mystic
Bad Dragon Spitfire
Bad Dragon Votan
Bad Dragon Egg Plug
Bad Dragon Demogorgon
Bad Dragon Dexter
Bad Dragon Diego
Bad Dragon Kona
Bad Dragon Blaze
Bad Dragon Ika
Bad Dragon Pearce
Bad Dragon Nocturne
Bad Dragon Demon Dick
Bad Dragon Austin
Bad Dragon Tyson
Bad Dragon Echo
Bad Dragon Roland
Bad Dragon Bumble Hooves
Bad Dragon Kage
Bad Dragon Hunter
Bad Dragon Stan
Bad Dragon Snep
Bad Dragon Terra
Bad Dragon Gunner
Bad Dragon Pretzel
Bad Dragon Rex
Bad Dragon Sleipnir
Bad Dragon Fenrir
Bad Dragon Hanns
Bad Dragon Xerxes
Bad Dragon Chance
Bad Dragon Kelvin
Bad Dragon Tucker
Bad Dragon Ridley
Bad Dragon Nova
Bad Dragon Apollo
Bad Dragon Spritz
Bad Dragon Kippy
Bad Dragon Flint
Bad Dragon Nox
Bad Dragon Winston´s Tongue
Bad Dragon Vergil
Bad Dragon Clayton
Bad Dragon Cole
Bad Dragon Crackers
Bad Dragon David
Bad Dragon Duke the Bad Dragon
Bad Dragon Tako
Bad Dragon Razor
Bad Dragon Lenneth

Several of these have won industry awards e.g. The Bad Dragon Habu & The Bad Dragon Echo both won “O” Awards, and the Bad Dragon John & Bad Dragon Orochi have won Altporn Awards recently.

A popular innovation from the Bad Dragon development team was the creation of optional cum-tubes in the dildos. We plan to write more about these soon.

Bad Dragon Masturbators

Bad Dragon masturbators are penetrables & have a textured core and complex internal structures. There are currently 25 models in the collection (2022) and they are generally one size, and the firmness is extra soft.

Current Bad Dragon masturbator models

Bad Dragon Ledo
Bad Dragon Emelie
Bad Dragon Nix
Bad Dragon Anje
Bad Dragon Zoie
Bad Dragon Leilani
Bad Dragon Mary
Bad Dragon Duke´s Muzzle
Bad Dragon Lana
Bad Dragon Sofia
Bad Dragon Alice
Bad Dragon Twitch
Bad Dragon Sugar Star
Bad Dragon Perry
Bad Dragon Lilly
Bad Dragon Rowan
Bad Dragon Snowball
Bad Dragon Gala
Bad Dragon Janine´s Muzzle
Bad Dragon Duke´s Muzzle
Bad Dragon Hazel
Bad Dragon JT
Bad Dragon Duke´s Butt
Bad Dragon Janine
Bad Dragon Natascha

Bad Dragon Wearables

Bad Dragon wearables are worn as a sleeve to enhance your penis. (They can also be used as a sleeve on top of other Bad Dragon dildos). The texture on the outside of each sheath is similar to its matching dildo e.g. the Ika comes in both a hollow sheath and also a dildo. The sheaths also have a textured inside so that the wearer, as well as the recipient, can enjoy the sensations of the sheath.

Some Bad Dragon sheaths have closed tips, other have an open tip for extra sensation on the end of the penis. There are also ball straps to ensure the sheaths are kept in the perfect position on the wearer.

The sizes vary, but the firmness is always soft.

Current Bad Dragon sheath (sleeve) models

Bad Dragon Chance´s Sheath
Bad Dragon Cracker´s Sheath
Bad Dragon David´s Sheath
Bad Dragon Flint Sheath
Bad Dragon Ika Sheath
Bad Dragon Magnus Sheath

Bad Dragon Packers

Bad Dragon packers are worn under your clothing to give that distinctive outline. They are made of very soft, flexible slilcone and simulate a flaccid penis.There are many vanilla packers, but Bad Dragon packers put their unique spin on it using fantasy shapes. There are 5 in the range.

Current Bad Dragon packer models

Bad Dragon Packer
Bad Dragon Anthro Dragon Packer
Bad Dragon Unflared Stallion Packer
Bad Dragon Flint Packer
Bad Dragon Ultimate Fantasy Packer

Bad Dragon Lil' Vibes

Bad Dragon Lil’ Vibes are small versions of the big toys and in the base is a space where you can add a Bad Dragon bullet vibe. The color is described as “surprise me” so you get what you get, and they are one size only. There are 5 in the range.

Current Bad Dragon L’il Vibe model names

Bad Dragon Lil´vibe Chico
Bad Dragon Lil´vibe Cockatrice
Bad Dragon Lil´vibe Fusion
Bad Dragon Lil´vibe Sea Dragon
Bad Dragon Lil´vibe Tongue

Bad Dragon Lil' Squirts

Bad Dragon Lil’ Squirts are smaller versions of the cum-tube big dildos. 1 size and 1 firmness, but you do get to choose the color of the Lil’ Squirt.

Current Bad Dragon L’il Squirts model names

Fusion Lil’ Squirt
Cockatrice Lil’ Squirt
Seadragon Lil’ Squirt
Chico Lil’ Squirt

Bad Dragon Accessories & Merchandise

Cum Lube

Available in clear and white. It is water-based, non-toxic, paraben free, and made in USA.

Toy cleaner

To keep your Bad Drangon squeaky clean after use.

Dragon Glue

Silicone glue to repair nicks and tears. 100% body-safe once it is cured.

Bullet Vibrator

20 settings and available as a single bullet or a double. Used for the Lil’ Vibes.


You can have almost anything with the famous Bad Dragon logo on it, including the famous stickers (loved by everybody & you can pop them on your laptop, window, car dashboard, etc – those wjo recognize the BD logo will smile). Also there are Bad Dragon t-shirts, caps, hoodies, bags, coffee mugs, beach towels, and playing cards.

See all Bad Dragons on the marketplace now 

Bad Dragon Sizes and Firmness

When you see a Bad Dragon listed, it usually says the model name followed by the size first and the firmness second. So a large/medium would mean large size and medium firmness. 

So that is the order in which we will explain these.

 Bad Dragon sizes explained

Sizing of a toy ranges from quite small to enormous. As an example, the sizing guide of the Crackers dildo is as follows :

Mini :  5.5″ long

Small : 7.0″ long

Medium : 8.5″ long

Large : 10.4″ long

Extra-large : 12.75″ long


So you can see that there is a size for every body. The circumference also increases accordingly from 5.5″ for the mini up to 13.3″ for the extra-large.


Bad Dragon firmness explained

Bad Dragon toys come in a variety of levels of firmness but it is very dependent on the type of toy.

Dildos come in soft, medium, or firm, but items such as masturbators or packers are only available in an extra soft due to the way they are used.

Extra-soft (Level “2”) (masturbators & packers) – very soft and is therefore more easily cut or nicked. Extra care shouild be taken with these toys to avoid damage.

Soft (Level “3”) – compresses easily and bends with little effort. Many models will not be able to stand up on their own if made in soft.

Medium (Level “5”) – is the Goldilocks option, not too soft and not too firm.

Firm (Level “8”) – this will spring back easily if bent & is unyielding.

Split Firmness – it is possible with some models to have 2 different levels of firmness e.g. the shaft of a dildo could be soft, and the base could be firm.


Bad Dragon do sell sample discs of the soft / medium / firm silicones that allow you to test how bendable they are before you spend your money on the full toy.


Bad Dragon drop, and flop explained

A Drop  is when, every now and then, Bad Dragon puts some of it’s pre-made toys into the clearance section of their site. The drop can be for perfect pre-made toys, or flops.

A Flop is a pre-made toy that has some minor imperfection – a quirk or a blemish.  Could be an air bubble or a little nick and the discount depends on the flaw.  If it’s not pristing condition then it’s a flop!



Is a Bad Dragon toy Body-safe?

The important thing to note here is that the Bad Dragon toys are made from 100% platinum-cure silicone which means that these toys are definitely body-safe.

Platinum-cure silicone

The best quality of silicone for sex toys. It is the FDA approved material for medical devices.


The surface of the toys has no pores, so bacteria cannot hide when you clean your toy. We have a guide on Sex Toys & STI´s that talks about the importance of removing bacteria.

Easy to clean

Silicone can be boiled, bleached, even dish-washered to sterilize it. See our How to Clean guide for more information on cleaning your toys properly.


Silicone is a very neutral material – very few people have allergies to it.


Silicone is inert and harmless to the body.


Phthalates are added to cheaper toys to make them softer, but the chemicals can leech out and cause health problems.

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