If you have a question, and can’t find the answer on this page, try the FAQs page. If the answer isn’t there either, then email us and we will do our best to help!

The marketplace is global!

A quick guide to the basics – currency, shipping, languages.


The main website is written in English, and some guides are translated – so far into German.

The marketplace ( the listings area ) is also originally written in English but there is a pull-down menu which translates the listing categories and listing fields into German(DE), French(FR), Spanish(ES), Italian(IT), English(EN). You will find this on the top right side of a desktop. On a mobile, open up the top-left hamburger menu and scroll down to the end to find the language selector.

There is also a google translate widget at the top of the mobile screen, and on the top left on a desktop and mobile. There are many languages here and this will translate the user-written content such as listing descriptions and comments.

Listing prices are shown in US Dollars. If your bank account is in a different currency, then the payment system will make the necessary exchangeShipping prices should be for domestic online tracked as the default. If you want something other than is quoted, just ask the seller in the public comments for a quote to your country. Personal details beyond region/county are not allowed to be disclosed. Pickup is also not allowed on this marketplace for privacy and protection.   


1. Set up your free account

2. Find the right item & negotiate a deal

3. When to hit the BUY button, and the 3 most important things to know.

4. What you need to do after you have received the item


1. Set up your free account and create a profile

There is no joining fee. You pay no commission when you buy an item –  just the listing and shipping price shown on the listing.


a) Sign-up. Either you can click on SIGN UP at the top of the page, or if you can click on an item for sale & when you hit the BUY button it will ask you to set up an account before you carry on. We have created a short video showing you how to sign up on our Youtube channel.


b) Email. Enter your email, your name (only your first name will show on the public part of the website), and a password. Then hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button


c) Verify.  An email will be sent to your email address – just open the email and hit the VERIFY button

2. Find something to buy

Now you can search the listings for your new favorite toy. Ask any questions in the public comments, or if everything is good (e.g. shipping is already quoted correctly for your country), go ahead and click the big “ BUY ”button. 

You can read about the reasons why people sell their toys, what sort of toys they sell, etc on our blog post Buying & Selling Used Sex Toys

Search Tips

Clicking the magnifier icon by the search box will clear your search. If you have entered text in the search box at the top, you need to clear the search afterward by deleting the text in the search field and then clicking search again when the search box is empty!

All listings quote for domestic shipping for within their own country. So check for items in your country first. You can do that by using the sidebar to select your own country as the criteria for the search. Or, within each listing, just below the picture and description of the item, the first field tells you the country that the seller/item is in. 

If you want to see what else a particular member is selling, just click on their profile on a listing and it will show you all their items for sale. If you follow them, you can also be notified by the system when they list another item. Sex toy bloggers and reviewer that are selling items they no longer need, are listed at the bottom of the listing search fields. Click on that to see what they’re selling at the moment. 

Ask any questions

When you hit the BUY button you are requesting to purchase the item exactly as it is listed so BEFORE you do that, this is your chance to make sure it is all correct.

You can’t message the seller privately on this platform. Everything is kept open and transparent, everyone benefits from the Q&A on the item, and the moderator sees everything.

Don’t ask for or share any personal details ( your county is the only thing that can be shared if you need to ask more about shipping). If you do, the moderator can disable your account immediately as it’s against the community guidelines for great reasons! So just a heads up! 

Negotiating a deal – how bidding works

If the listing says that the price is firm, you should not put a bid in, but if the listing says that the seller is happy to negotiate on price then go ahead and put a bid in on the comments at the bottom of the listing.

Remember that the listing has been manually approved originally and the item has to already have a good discount at the time of listing. Bids less than 30% rarely get answered so try to be fair, and don’t go too low.

Any user can join in and give their bids as comments, and when the bidding is over, the seller selects the winning user. The seller changes the listing price to the winner’s bid and only accepts a transaction from the winning user.

When the seller has to edit the listing to change the listing or shipping price, it will disappear temporarily from public view whilst they do that – look out for a comment from the SQUEAKY team to say it’s back online again. Then if everything looks good you can press the buy button.

Check the shipping fee is correct

Since the marketplace went global, all new and updated listings state which country the item is in, and all shipping quotes by default are for domestic online tracked shipping. So,  if you are located in the same country this is good, everything is correct and you can go ahead and BUY.

If the listing does not have the country detail, just ask the seller in the comments. That just means the listing has not been edited recently.

If you are located in another country, ask the seller if they are willing to ship to your country and if they could kindly provide a quote. You may not want to proceed if the quote is too high.

Guide to using the Comments field

Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see the comments. The comment fields are there for you to ask some serious pre-sale questions ( e.g. some more details the item,  a shipping quote to your country  if you are wanting the item to be delivered outside the seller’s country, or to simply negotiate a lower price ). 

Please also follow these guidelines.

* Check if the item is located in your country. If not, and you are serious about buying this, then please use the comment field to ask the seller for an international shipping quote to your country before you start bidding on the actual listing. The price of shipping may put you off, or the seller may not want to ship internationally.

* Do not make a lower offer if the seller has already stated in the listing fields that the price is fixed.

* The marketplace is a simple transactional platform, and not a chat site. Please remain respectful at all times. Comments must only be about the purchasing of the item.

* As it is not a live chat, please think carefully before you make a comment, and try to put it everything you want to know in one comment rather than going back and forth. The sellers are notified by email when there is any activity on their listing.

* Please don’t make silly bids. Bids should start within 30% of the seller’s listed price. When seller’s listings are originally approved for listing on the public board, they are at least 25% less than the best online price a buyer would find from reputable stores (i.e. not Amazon, eBay, DHgate etc. unless the seller originally bought the item on Amazon).

* If a seller has gone to the effort of putting a deal or a package together for you, please respond, even if you have changed your mind.

3. When to hit the buy button

The global marketplace supports the use of bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and Paypal accounts. Your seller will have chosen which method they accept and you can see that below the BUY button.

***Don’t hit the buy button if the price isn’t what you want to pay ***

Remember, when you actually hit the BUY button, you are agreeing to pay the price on the listing. You can’t do any negotiating after that point. 

The public comments is where haggling works best because if you hit the BUY button before negotiating a new price, it’s too late as that action has committed you to the listed item price. If you do make that mistake, then have to depend on the seller to reject your offer and re-edit the listing so that you can hit the BUY button again for the correct price.

If your listing disappears.

When the seller edits the price the listing will disappear from view and you will get an error if you try to reach it. Don’t worry, that’s only because we have to see every edit on the site and re-approve the listing to go back on the board. So once the listing is edited we will approve and put a comment such as “Listing Reposted” on there so you get a system notification to let you know.

Once you hit that button a transaction begins and you can message more privately with your seller about how you want it packaged, (and described if a customs label is required). The moderator also sees all the messages there, so be sure to keep it all squeaky clean.

Read this before you hit the buy button

Before you purchase an item, make sure you are complying with the local laws in the location where the item is being delivered.

If the seller has been reviewed from a previous sale, you can click on the seller’s profile icon on the listing to see more detail, and also see what else they are selling.

Do all listing price bidding on the listing comments and wait till the seller changes the price before you hit the button. It cannot be done afterwards. At this point the transaction is fixed and the seller is only contracted to send you what was in the listing. See more detail on the buy and sell process below.

On the listing, check which country the seller is located in because the shipping quote is for shipping within that country only. If you are in another country you need to ask the seller, in the comments, to quote for sending it to your country  – give the country only and no more personal details. If you agree on the quote, then wait for the listing to be edited to reflect the new price before you press the button. International buyers are responsible for any customs fees, duty or taxes if your package is refused at the border.

After you hit the buy button – the sales transaction

Check below what happens when you hit the buy button for each payment system – and what happens during the transaction, depending on which method you are using for your purchase.

Note: When the seller accepts your request to purchase, they should close the listing so that no-one else can buy it too. When the item arrives, if you need to check anything just ask SQUEAKY support to open the listing again for you to see the detail.

The 3 most important things to know first

No matter which payment system you use, the most important protective things you need to know in your transaction are:

1. Make sure your delivery address is correct on the payment systems before you hit the buy button .

2. Make sure you get an online tracking number from the seller.

3. DO NOT mark the transaction as completed at this point. Wait till after the package has been delivered and everything is ok…( see below). Then is it is vital that you compete the transaction – and then review your seller.

Buying the item using Stripe (credit cards & debit cards).

Note: Buyers have to enter their payment details each time they make a purchase. The payments are not stored anywhere.


1. Messages : Once you have clicked on BUY, you can add an optional message to the seller. (Remember, entering any personal details or chat can get your account banned – just stick strictly to the transaction detail. Check out the community rules and guidelines below.)

2. Accept terms : Tick the box to agree to the agreement terms. Click on the word VIEW to read them all.

3. Card details : Enter your credit card / debit card number, the expiry date, the 3 figure CVC code, and your postcode and then hit the CONFIRM PAYMENT button. (If you are using a foreign credit card e.g. a Spanish debit card in Euros to buy a US item, your bank will automatically convert the US price into euros and then charge your card in Euros)

4. Acceptance by seller : The seller then has to accept the transaction and the payment then goes through. (you can also send a message to the seller if you want to). The seller can also reject the purchase at this stage. If they do nothing then the system will cancel the transaction in 3 days.

5. Money transfer : Once the buyer has accepted the transaction, the money is taken from your account and put on hold until the transaction is completed i.e. you have received or collected the product.

6. Mark as completed : When you receive the product, write any comments you need to, and then mark it as COMPLETED. The cash will now be sent on to the seller. Hover over your PROFILE PICTURE, select MY LISTINGS, go into TRANSACTIONS and find the item that you just received. Click on the STATUS and change it to COMPLETED. You can also review the seller at this point.

Buying the item using Paypal (Paypal account, & credit cards & debit cards) 

1. Messages : Once you clicked BUY, you can add an optional message to the seller. (Remember, entering any personal details or chat can get your account banned – just stick strictly to the transaction detail. Check out the community rules and guidelines below.)

2. Accept terms : Tick the box to agree to the agreement terms. Click on the word VIEW to read them all.

3. Paypal button : Go down to the bottom of the page and you will find a big yellow button to take you through to Paypal.

4. Login : Login to Paypal

5. Payment method : if you have bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc attached to your Paypal account, you can pick which account you want the payment to come out of. Once you selected the correct account, hit the big PAY NOW button.

6. Paypal authorization : If the payment is accepted, Paypal will let you know it is authorized. You can send a message to the seller if you want to (they will receive a confirmation automatically from the system anyway, but you can add any other details you feel are relevant.) 

7. Wait for seller´s authorization : The seller how has up to 3 days to accept your bid and the system will let you know as soon as it is accepted.

8. Mark as completed : Once you have received the goods, and everything is ok, then mark the transaction as complete. To do this, just hover over your PROFILE PICTURE, select MY LISTINGS, go into TRANSACTIONS and find the item that you just received. Click on the STATUS and change it to COMPLETED. You can also review the seller at this point. 

4. After you have received the items

When your purchase has been delivered successfully, then, you should promptly mark it as completed. For the majority of transactions this action is required in order to send the money on to the seller’s bank account.  It also tells us that you have received the purchase and are happy with it.

Go into your inbox – enter the transaction for that listing – and mark it as completed. 

If everything is okay, don’t forget to do this, and if it is not, then mark the transaction as disputed. 

Also – really important – even though your seller has to  clean and sterilize the item (if it is insertable or penetrable), the buyer must also sterilize the toy when you receive it.

See our cleaning guide and also a guide about STIs and sex toys – it´s better to be informed and to understand how safe it is. 

Did you know that you should be cleaning any NEW toy you buy from a shop too?

Just like new underwear, a sex toy should be cleaned thoroughly with mild soap and hot water after you take it out of the packaging and let it air dry on a clean surface,” …….. “Sex toys are not sterile, so it’s reasonable to expect that they have dust or bacteria, even if brand new.


Shop simply  Search easily Buy securely | Delivered discreetly


This is a private consumer to consumer marketplace. Only create listings for items that meet the requirements and that you own personally. Your listing should include at least one photo of your own item and not just stock photos. It should show the condition clearly, and that you have this item in your possession at the time of listing.

But before you start listing, you need to carry out step 1 and step2 first.

STEP 1. Set up your free seller’s account.

STEP 2. Enter your payment details.

STEP 3. Listing & item requirements  ( + special extra listing requirements for dolls.)


Common reasons why items don’t get listed ( how to get the pictures right. the listing price and the correct brand, model & material ).

How to make a sale (and 3 things to check before you accept it).


1. Set up your free seller’s account on the global marketplace


1. Either you can click on SIGN UP at the top of the page, or if you try to list an item, you will be asked to set up an account before you carry on. We have created a short video showing you how to sign up on our Youtube channel.


2. Enter your email, your name (only your first name will show on the public part of the website), and a password. Then hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Note: If you choose to add a description, keep it simple and positive. Don’t add personal details or suggestive content or image. If the moderator thinks it may not appear squeaky clean to anyone else, then we will go ahead and delete that part.

3. An email will be sent to your email address – just open the email and hit the VERIFY button.

4. Set up to receive payments

You can connect your Paypal account, or you can connect your bank account to receive your money – or you can set up both in order to reach the maximum number of buyers.

You can either click on the warning that said you are NOT SET UP TO RECEIVE MONEY YET, or you can click on PROFILE NAME under your profile picture, and click on EDIT PROFILE, and select PAYMENTS from the menu on the left-hand side.

(Note: your item will not be approved for listing if the payment details are not added.)

Commission is 20% for Paypal payment system and PayPal charge you their own fees separately, and 23% for the escrow style payment system (because we actually pay their 3% fees on your behalf – so it makes it simple and secure for you). 

Most of our users prefer to use the escrow style payment system that works directly with your bank account. 

2. Entering your payment details

You need to add payment details to get listed on the public bulletin board. Otherwise, there is no point in being on the marketplace because if a buyer hits the BUY button nothing will happen!

To add payment details:

* log into your account in your marketplace
* from the top bar, go to your user Settings
* go to the Payments tab
* choose Stripe or Paypal or both and follow the instructions

For Stripe, the marketplace is already connected with the Stripe international payment system and so sellers only need to add their bank details once ( your payment details are stored by Stripe system, and are not stored on the marketplace). It only takes only a few seconds and enables payments for your listings immediately. Make sure you add all information requested by Stripe otherwise your account will not be operable.

For PayPal, our sellers need to have a premier, or business account. It costs nothing and is easy to upgrade. When you log into your usual PayPal account, there is usually a place to upgrade at the bottom of the page. You just put your own name in if it asked for a business name.

The reason why this is better is that it allows every part of the financial transaction to be done simultaneously. So, when you accept the purchase from a buyer it all magically happens then – the payment to you, and the commission to us, and best of all it’s all triggered and controlled by PayPal. So it makes the process most simple and secure for everyone. Another advantage is that it also allows Paypal to receive payments from buyers that want to simply make payments with credit / debit cards.

Once your payment details are complete, your listing can then be reviewed by the SQUEAKY approvals team.


How to set up your bank account using Stripe


2. Enter your legal name, date of birth, country, address, and your bank account details (the format varies based on your country – it may ask for your IBAN, or your sort code & account number depending on your country).

3. Hit SAVE and you will get a message saying whether the account is approved instantly or whether any extra documentation is needed. Depending on the money laundering rules of your country, you may be asked to send a copy of a passport or driving license, or another document. We do not see any of these documents – they are purely for the payment processing provider – Stripe.

That’s it! A success message should now be visible, and you can now sell in your marketplace and receive money when a transaction happens.

Note: Sometimes the seller needs to provide further personal info to remain verified by Stripe. To do this, they simply need to go back to the Payments tab of their marketplace account and edit their bank details or provide any other information requested by Stripe.

Every now and then both Paypal and Stripe can ask you to upload documents to prove your identity ( in line with any government requirements in your country).

How to set up Paypal

1. Click on ADD PAYPAL ACCOUNT. You will be given a link to log in to your Paypal account.

2. Firstly, it will ask you to grant permission to link your account to the Marketplace – this is so that you can receive your money from the buyer.

3. Secondly, it will then ask you to grant permission to pay the 20% transaction fee to us, the Marketplace. This is the 20% fee that we charge when the sale happens. You need to say which part of your Paypal account you want this fee to come out of. Many people have attached a bank account or a credit card to their Paypal account and you can pay the fee from one of these (or from your Paypal balance itself). Just highlight the account you want the fee to come from & hit ACCEPT on the big button at the bottom. Any fees that Paypal charges will be deducted automatically from your sale proceeds, just like they do on any Paypal transaction.

4. Depending on the money laundering rules of your country, you may be asked to send a copy of a passport or driving license, or another document. We do not see any of these documents – they are purely for the payment processing provider – Stripe or Paypal.

Your account should now be ready to accept the receipt from the buyer.


Stripe can payout in these countries/currencies

Australia 🇦🇺 Austria 🇦🇹 Belgium 🇧🇪 Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Canada 🇨🇦 Cyprus 🇨🇾 Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Denmark 🇩🇰 Estonia 🇪🇪

Finland 🇫🇮 France (Metropolitan France + French overseas regions and territories (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Saint-Martin, Réunion)) 🇫🇷    Germany 🇩🇪 Greece 🇬🇷

Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Hungary (only supported within Hungary using HUF) 🇭🇺

Ireland 🇮🇪 Italy 🇮🇹 Japan 🇯🇵 Latvia 🇱🇻 Lithuania 🇱🇹 Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Malta 🇲🇹 Mexico (only supported within Mexico or the USA) 🇲🇽

New Zealand 🇳🇿 Norway 🇳🇴 Poland 🇵🇱 Portugal 🇵🇹 Romania 🇷🇴

Singapore 🇸🇬 Slovakia 🇸🇰 Slovenia 🇸🇮 Spain 🇪🇸 Sweden 🇸🇪 Switzerland 🇨🇭

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 The United Kingdom 🇬🇧 The United States 🇺🇸

Paypal gateway can payout in these countries/currencies


3. Basic listing requirements

Do this after you set up your payment details – so go back ton step 2. now if you need to. This is because even if you submit a listing completed 100% correctly, it will not be approved for the public board. Why? Because the BUY button is attached to the payment details and you cannot trade without these so it makes the listing worthless.

To create a listing for your item, click +LIST AN ITEM button. You will find this to the right of your profile sign when logged in (a circle with your profile image in it or your initials). On a desktop, it should be at the top right of the screen, and on a mobile, you will find it when you open the menu ( 3 line hamburger ) on the left side. We have created a short video showing you how to create a listing on our Youtube channel.

a quick summary

Next, make sure your item meets these criteria below before you go to the trouble of making a whole listing that will not get approved. If you are listing a doll, please also see the next section 4 for extra requirements.  


We generally only accept the brands that are on our current ‘listed brands’ menu. We do not accept the mass of typical Amazon / Ebay fulfilled unbranded products from China, AliExpress / DHgate shipped items, white-label brands, or new items sold only in plastic bags.

We are always updating the list so if you have a premium brand that doesn’t appear on the list, write to us at with the brand and model and link to the item sold online so that we can see if it is one that we can add to the list for you.


2. What kind of items are accepted
Most items on the marketplace are sex toys and anything intimate has to be made of a non-porous material. So first of all, check if the item and the material meet our body-safe policy requirements. Even if you have listed before, please check for any updated information.

Make sure the item has been cleaned and sanitized, and if it is an insertable/penetrable item it also has to be high level disinfected/sterilized according to the hygiene guide requirements BEFORE approval to the public board. *** Take some pictures of the item being sterilized fully and upload the picture(s) and/or video of the sterilization taking place. This is now a requirement.***

Clean costumes and clothes, furniture and accessories, products that support better sex, are all generally permitted too. Choose the correct listing categories and subcategory for your item and if you aren’t sure, choose miscellaneous and we will help find the correct category. Any liquids or lotions can only be submitted if they are new and unopened – see our body-safe policy.

Pornography content, text/images, nudity or explicit sexual acts must not be part of the listings. If they feature on the packaging of an item, please block that out or ask the Squeaky team to do it. Pornographic DVDs are not allowed to be included in a listing – this has never been an issue as they tend to only come with the type of porous toys that are not approved to sell on the marketplace in any case.


3. Photos must include at least one taken by you. It has to clearly show that it is your own private item showing all the pieces the buyer will receive, and clearly shows the detail and the condition of the item for sale. From July 2022, where applicable, all listings must have photos of the item being sterilized. 


4. Prices  – item and shipping 

All prices are quoted/shown in US Dollars. The listing and shipping price in USD is what is charged when the buyer hits the BUY button and enters payment details. If a user’s bank account is in a different currency, then the payment systems will make the necessary currency exchange.

There is a minimum listing price of $10.

Make sure that new items are priced is at least 25% cheaper (even off sales prices)  than the cheapest price a buyer can find the same item new, on a reputable online retail site. Older items should also be at least 25% off but closer to 40-50% off retail price, unless there is some rareity or collectors value.

Pick-up is not allowed.

The shipping fee should be set to cover your costs for domestic online tracked shipping (and state in the description or additional information if you do not want to ship internationally.)

If you change this, there is a listing field that guides you to explain what the shipping fee includes. Use the DESCRIPTION  and ADDITIONAL INFO areas of the listing to explain any shipping fees further.

Check serious buyer’s location by clicking on their profile name to see their country and make sure you edit the listing to show the correct shipping price before they hit the buy button.


5. Payment details.

These should have been added before you make a listing because when you submit the listing it won’t get approved for the public board without them. Once the listing has been submitted and not approved, you will need to re-submit the listing again for the team to recognize any change.

Add your payment details so the buyers can pay you – use Paypal or Stripe (Stripe is the most used and most popular on the marketplace as we can support and protect both sellers and buyers with Stripe). 


Then submit it for approval

Please note that listing approval is not automatic.

The approvals team goes through every detail before approving or rejecting the listing. Look out for comments from them if you scroll to the bottom of your listing. They may just need to clarify something or offer advice on what you need to do to get approval.  Dolls are very complex area, so we have additional requirements for these.

NOTE: The system often limits listings to 3 listings per user, especially for new users. Each case is looked at individually.

Editing and deleting your listing

You can edit your listing at any time ( click on the pencil icon to the side of the listing title in your account).

You need to edit it for any shipping quote changes before the buyer hits the buy button.

During the editing process, the listing is hidden/offline, but the buyer will still get a notification if you make a comment – so try to comment after it has been re-approved to go back on the board so as not to frustrate the buyers.

If you have reduced the price significantly, leave a comment for the team and we will restart the listing at the top of the board for you if we can.

Only delete a listing if you have your item is no longer available to sell.
Sellers must not delete a listing during or after a transaction. Once the transaction has completed, SQUEAKY will write SOLD on it and take it offline.

detailed listing steps

Make sure your item follows the body-safe policy, add your own photo for your own personal item, and don´t forget to add your payment details. Keep all products, pictures, and text squeaky clean. We have created a short video showing you how to create a listing on our Youtube channel.

Category : After you use the big button that says +LIST AN ITEM. Choose the best MAIN CATEGORY followed by SUB-CATEGORY. Then start to complete all the fields for your listing

Title : The title appears on your photo in the main listing grid so pick something short and relevant. All listings should have a unique listing title.

Price : Enter the selling price (you can click on the small print to see the way that the fees are charged which depends on whether you receive the cash in your Paypal account or directly in your bank account.)

Check the cheapest price you can find your item for online – just like a buyer would – and price it at least 25% lower. Items that are priced at least 40% less than a new retail item tend to sell best.

Buyers are looking for a bargain or for something that is not possible or easy for them to buy new. There are plenty of sales bargains already online so you need to think low when pricing. Check what retailers are charging by doing an online search just like a buyer would. Or check one of the retailers on our new toys page.

Our commission for sellers is 20%. The additional fees for selling through Paypal or Stripe are around 3% to 5% on top of our commission.

Selling through Stripe : We charge sellers using Stripe 23% for selling and we pay your Stripe fees for you. You can receive payment from credit card and debit cards and the cash comes straight into your bank account.

Selling through Paypal : We charge sellers using Paypal 20% and you pay the usual Paypal fees yourself. Buyers will be able to pay using their credit cards, debit cards, or their Paypal accounts & the money comes into your Paypal account. You will need to upgrade your Paypal account to a business account so people can pay you – it´s fast & easy.

Description: Your listing is your sales document so your buyer will expect to receive what you describe here. Give some details and selling points for your item. Give details here that are not covered elsewhere in the listing.
If you are using details one from the manufacturer’s site please credit that site for those words and mark those details with “quote marks”.

Defects / Marks / etc: Make sure you describe any marks, defects, parts missing, etc – if the buyer has been misled then they can cancel the transaction & return the goods & get a refund. This marketplace only works if there is honest, accurate, and ethical communication by both the buyers and the sellers.

Brand / Model / Material : Check if your item’s brand is on our listed brands and tick the correct one. For materials, you can tick as many materials as you need to for the item. For the model name or number, please give that in the top title or description of the item.

Please also give an EXACT link to the item sold as new on a reputable store. If you give no information, the item will either be rejected or a more lengthy approvals process will begin.

For OTHER brands, custom-made, or artisan items, please use the additional information field to give the approvals team as much information as you can. If it is a high-end niche brand that we have not got on our listed brands yet, please highlight that, and we will take a look at it immediately.

Photos: The main photo, title, and price are the only items that a buyer can see for your listing until they click on it to see more information. So make sure the main image is clear and appealing. The ideal image ratio is 3:2 ( e.g. 660 x 440pixels) – see more information in the FAQs.

You can post several more images to give as much detail as possible to the buyers. Please use images of your actual item & not images from the web – people want to see the condition of the exact item they are buying.

Keep the images squeaky clean. Please don’t photograph items on a rug or carpet. Make sure the pictures are taken after it has been cleaned (and sterilized if it is insertable or penetrable). No in-use pictures (includes lingerie). For lingerie you can show a picture of the product label or packaging but not a picture of you wearing it. Keep the images about the products not the seller. Only a hand can be shown to hold an item. You can use the comments fields to ask the approvals team for any advice.

Shipping: Personal delivery/pick-up is not allowed so the listing PICKUP field is hidden for this reason, but if there is a rare time when you see it, do not choose it, as it will stop your listing from being approved.

The default shipping fee should be for domestic online tracked as that is the only method supported. The buyer has to be given the tracking number. 

Please make sure all items are squeaky clean before sending and remember that when you tick the shipping box you are guaranteeing also to sterilize any insertable / penetrable items to the full level of sterilization. ( See our cleaning guide.)

Payments: After you post the listing, it should go up on the site but if you will get a warning saying that you are “not set up to receive money yet”. You will need to go into your profile again and add your payment details.

Sex doll listings: Update: 21 Jan 2022. For this category, we only generally accept dolls over 145cm tall. We also need to see a clear photo of your sales receipt showing the doll detail, where it was purchased, and price paid. In fact there are a lot of special requirements for this category, see the full list here. Your personal details should be hidden on the photo – if you cannot do that we can do the edit for you. This should help sell your item by increasing buyer confidence.

Editing your listing : To edit your listing (if you need to), just go to the top of your listing, hit EDIT LISTING at the top right of the page. Make your changes and hit save.

Refunds and Returns : Sellers cannot simply state that there is no refund or return on their item. If your item is faulty or not as described or obviously not in a Squeaky Clean condition, the buyer should have the right to return the item, and get a refund. The seller should pay for the return shipping.  If the item has arrived in the correct condition and as described in the listing but there is another reason why the buyer wants to return it, then this is up to the discretion of the seller. 

Comments : Scroll down to the bottom of your listing and check for comments from the approvals team whilst your listing is pending approvals. Once the listing is approved, you will get system notification emails when someone comments on your listing or starts a sales transaction.  MAKE SURE THESE ARE NOT GOING INTO YOUR SPAM FOLDER. 

Communication is super important in the marketplace – users are simply here to buy and sell – so if you don’t respond within 3 days maximum the system will cancel your sales and the moderator will close your listing. If this happens more than once, the moderator may delete your listings and/or disable your account.

Get the brand, model & material right first time

We are currently only accepting the brands on our “listed brands” checklist. You always need to state the brand and the material. We generally do not accept Unbranded items.

If the item is hand-made/custom-made tick OTHER and explain it in the additional information field.

If you have a high-end niche brand that is not already on our list, tick OTHER and provide the brand and material detail in additional information, and we will take a look at it immediately for you. (Don’t just tick an incorrect brand as this will delay the research of your item by the approvals team.)

Please state the model name and/or number and better still, to speed up approval, give us a link to the item being sold online. Write the link to the item in the first comment field.

Make sure you know the material of your item. If there is any doubt that it isn’t in line with our body-safe policy, you will be asked for some more verification. Please don’t tick silicone if it isn’t, this will just delay the verification of your item. If you have a web link that shows your item on a current reputable retail website then put it in the listing description. The approvals team will then be able to research your item faster – the link may or may not stay in after approval.

Look out for comments from the approvals team. The public comments field at the end of your listing is where the approvals team can chat to you whilst your item is pending approval. Your chat can be deleted before the listing is made public.

Keep it simple and secure. The system is set up for secure payments so there is no need for statements like “no returns allowed”.

Getting the price right

You only have a short time at the top of the listings board so it’s important to get the price right straight away.

The approvals team also check your price, like a buyer would, to make sure it is fair. Second-hand prices, even for unused items, should be at a significant discount to the price of a new one. Try to think like a buyer!

Pricing is such a tricky subject. On the one hand you want to earn a bit of cash for your item, on the other hand you want to sell it quickly and effortlessly. So what is the best way to price an item so that it is attractive to other people?


Discount: Generally, items will not even be approved until they are minimum 25% less than the best price a buyer will find it for online at a reputable retail store ( or the one you bought it from if that is cheaper ). Only rare items will be allowed through with less discount. 

Be prepared to negotiate. Items selling better are at least 30 to 50% off the cheapest retail new price. 
So you should make sure your price is tempting right from the start – when you are at the top of the listings board and buyers get to see your item more easily. After that, you will move further down the list and out of sight so don´t waste the opportunity at the top!


Sales: Keep an eye on how much your item is selling for now, new. It could have changed the price, so better to check instead of using the price you paid as a starting point. Is there a sale? You do need to keep your price less than the current special offers online for new ones?   People will do their research before they purchase second-hand.
( You might also want to search for your item sold second-hand online, do you find anything? How much is it selling for? Use this as a very strong indicator of how you should price your item.)


Condition & age: Analyze the condition of your item. Is it new? Barely used? Used moderately? Completely worn out? This information can help you choose the right price to sell your item. The photos should help reinforce your choice of price.

Get picture perfect

Include at least one photo (taken by you) of your own item. It won´t get approved without it !

You can add a stock photo of the original product sold as new. (We know that people are drawn to professional photos of products as it is easier to understand the product. But these have to be in addition to, not instead of your own photos.)

Show the product from all sides, and zoom in on detail – e.g. labels on lingerie.

How to take good photos to help sell your item. Check the best dimensions here in the FAQs.

Important : this is a buying and selling site, so please keep your photos respectful & only show the items that are for sale – not photos of you using them! Everyone likes things that look good. So let’s try to get your product looking its best. People will naturally be drawn towards photos of products that look clear, bright and simple – so we will give you tips on how to do the best with what you’ve got.


Camera: Any phone or digital camera will do. Set your crop to square.

Surface: Clear the area you are going to shoot. Most photos look best with a light colored background and a clean, clear, non-reflective surface is best. Some people use the carpet but we feel that items look better on a simple clean table, sheet, or work surface. Carpet hair can also get onto the item so it really isn´t really sanitary to do that. If your photos make your item look unclean they will not be approved for public listing.

You need to take photos from different angles, so remove things from the floor around your product.

Light : We prefer natural light, so if you can take the photo during the day it will give a better idea of the real colour and will look nicer. Open your curtains to create a bright environment.


Crop : Your first image (main product shot) should be square so that it appears nice and big on our platform. Choose this setting on your phone before taking a photo. If you are using an image that you have already shot, or a product shot from the internet, please crop it to a square before uploading.

Centralise : Your product should be in the centre of the photo.

Angles : We like to take photos from a variety of different angles so that you can see the product in its entirety. Rotate the product – always keeping the background the same. This will ensure you have consistency and that the focus is on the product and not on the surroundings.

Damage : Take close-up photos of any damage. You want to be sure that the buyer knows about them to avoid any misunderstanding.

Select and upload

Choose : Choose the photos that portray your product as it truly is. The first image should be one that shows the product as a whole. Then you can have photos of the sides, back and finally of the details.

4. Special requirements for sex doll listings

We have to do this because we were finding that the buyers just keep asking all these questions anyway, in order to know the detail and authenticity of the item they’re buying. This is because they tell us there are so many scams within sex doll sales, and also because buyers want the proof and the detail, right down to receipts, weight, eye color!


1. We only accept dolls that are made of 100% silicone. All used silicone dolls must have been sterilized before the pictures are taken for the listing.

2. We do not accept dolls if the appearance of the sex doll’s age, in any way, appears to be child-like. We do not accept flat-chested, narrow hip sex dolls. We only accept sex dolls that are more than 145cm (4ft 9inches) tall. We only accept sex dolls that are perceived, by SQUEAKY,  to be depicting an adult of over 18yrs old.

3. All general listing requirements from section 3 of the seller’s guide must also be followed.

4. The web link provided must be to the exact same doll sold online today as a new item, on the doll retailer website where it was purchased.

5. The full specifications of each doll, in its current condition, must be detailed on the listing. All dimensions, body features, height, weight, must be disclosed.

6. All clothes, accessories included in the sale must be detailed.


7. As with all items listed on the marketplace, the doll brand must be one already on the approved listed brands. If it is not, just tick Other, and detail the brand in the additional information section. The approvals team will decide if it is a premium brand that the buyers would want to see on the marketplace at this time.

8. Any doll accepted for listing must be judged by the approvals team to be bought from a well-known, reputable agent/site/store and the proof of purchase including the full doll specification must be made available to the approvals team.

7. Every element of the supply chain must be disclosed from the manufacturer, agent, and/or any other party or immediate seller to the marketplace seller. Supporting paperwork such purchase order, full sales receipt, customs receipts etc. will help support this. 

9. Custom dolls must show the details ordered on a purchase order/ receipt, and any authenticity codes. 

10. The listing must include clear photos of the skin, a face closeup, under the feet, intimate areas, clothes, and accessories. All paperwork that came with the doll. The photos should be taken after the hygiene requirements are met. 

9. Photos must include the box it was shipped in (and will be shipped in). And the final photo should be of the doll packaged up in it’s box/case ready showing the inside of the package to show how well it has been padded and packed. 

11. A clear photo(s) of the purchase order of the doll, (particularly for custom-made dolls) showing all detail. We can edit out any personal details before the listing is approved to go to the public board.

12. A photo of the sales receipt is required detailing the price paid, date, purchased item, and seller. The listing owner’s details must be included in that for verification purposes but they will be edited out by the approvals team before putting them with the listing for the buyers to also see.

13. Photos of sterilization in progress if it is a used silicone doll.

14. All sex doll listings must be sent via a courier, online tracked. We have noticed that an item like this is more likely to get lost in transit with standard mail and less likely to be found! So we are asking for this so that we can help ensure a good outcome for both our buyers and sellers.

15. Stripe payment is the only payment permitted for doll listings

16. If there is a transaction dispute and it is resolved in favour of the buyer, then the seller has to pay for the doll to be returned to them – otherwise the buyer will be requested to dispose the doll. 

5. Common reasons why items don’t get listed.

(Apart from no payment details added – without these you definitely can’t be listed.)

Broken: unusable toys or obvious rip-off prices won´t get listed.

Price: Any new and unused toys should come with the original box and need to be at least 25% off the current best retail price.

Resellers: The marketplace is mainly for privately owned, one-off, quality, second-hand items. This site is not for sex toy resellers that buy toys in bulk to sell on, nor is it for commercial vendors of any kind – e.g. home party hosts or small home businesses selling new items – we give all this a general name of resellers.  

Plastic bag toys: The aim of the marketplace is not to list typical cheap Amazon / eBay / AliExpress shipped items or new items sold in plastic bags. 

Brand not supported: Unbranded or white label brands will not be listed. Sometimes however there may be a particular model that can be approved. You can always look at recycling your sex toy – we wrote a blog post all about it.

6. How to get a successful sale

Now that you have everything listed correctly and your item is approved to go to the public board.

It’s important you don’t miss your sale now. Too often we see sellers miss a sale simply because they do not check-in enough and see that someone is asking a pertinent question before they buy, or someone has actually hit the BUY button but 3 days later the system has canceled it because there was no response from the seller.

 What to do before a buyer hits the buy button

Once the buyer hits the buy button and completes their address and payment details, the payment is automatically taken for the item listing price and the quoted shipping price. The buyer is paying for what is described in the listing – that is the sales contract. You can’t change the pricing or the shipping fee in the transaction itself, so you need to make sure everything is correct before the button is hit.

If the buyer hits the button and makes a purchase request whilst any of these are incorrect, then you need to reject the purchase request and go back to the listing and make sure everything is correct.


1. Making a deal / bidding

If the seller has ticked the box saying that you will accept offers, then this is where you do it – on the public listing. The buyer can make their offer on the public comments. If the seller accepts the offer then they need to edit the listing to show the new price so that the buyer can hit the BUY button. If you have several users bidding, then choose one as your winner and then change the listing price to the winner’s bid and only accept a transaction from the winning user.

2. Creating a package of toys

The buyer can negotiate a price for this listing and others by the same seller. This is all done in the public comments.

To make a package, the seller could just edit that listing to include a photo of all the items in the new deal, b) add a quick note in the description to say they are all included in the deal, c) edit the new agreed price and shipping and re-posts the listing as a set of items. They just need to remember to also close all the other item listings in the deal, except the one with the deal comments in it. 

That is one way, and it can work for a serious buyer and seller that want to seize the moment. But we have found that buyer’s are not always as serious as they might appear, so a cleaner way to do it is to create a separate PACKAGE listing and we have a category dedicated to just that. This way, the package listing sits separately from your single listings. If your buyer disappears for any reason, then someone else can step in and buy it too – something that has definitely happened in the marketplace!

1. Create a new listing for an item and, under the sex toys category, choose the sub-category called ‘Packages of approved listings’.

2. Add a photo of each item to be included in the package, and in the description, list all the URL links to each item listing that is included. There are a few more fields to fill out but not many.

3. When it is approved, give the URL of the package to your buyer in the listing where you had agreed on the package.

The listing will disappear from the buyer’s view whilst it is being edited but the team will pop a comment on when it is re-approved so that the buyer is alerted. The buyer then hits BUY and the seller accepts this purchase offer from the buyer they have been dealing with.


3. Shipping

If the buyer is in a different country to where the item is being sent from, then don’t let them hit the located don’t just hit the buy button with the domestic shipping fee quoted – the request will only have to be rejected by the seller and you will waste time waiting for your money to be refunded again. 

You can always check the buyer’s country by clicking on their profile name – it is written there.  If you agree to a quote, then you have to edit the listing to show the new shipping fee before the buyer hits the BUY button.

(We have also read online here that eBay sellers do not have any backup if they send items to a different address than the one on the buyer’s file at PayPal – because it is against PayPal rules. eBay sellers, therefore, lose PayPal’s seller protection on the transaction.  So please do check this out before shipping to a different address. )


3 things that will attract buyers and get you the sale


Spam box: Make sure that the system emails are not going into your spam box. Go in and take them out if they do. You need to know when something is happening on your listing, if the team needs to alert you about an issue, or if your buyer is waiting for you to take action.

Notifications: By default, the system sends you an email to let you know if there is any activity on the listing. Check the notifications section of your account ( in settings ) and make sure you are getting these. In our experience, once a buyer has been disappointed by a seller that has not communicated or not accepted their request to purchase – they move on and buy another listing instead.

Reviews: Keep the communication up right to the end and beyond! Buyers want to buy off sellers that have a good reputation. Apart from seeing who you are through your comments, ( or lack of them!), they look at the reviews from your buyers of previous sales. So when your transaction is completed, ask your buyer to give you a review!


Comments: Even if you get a buyer offering a ridiculous offer, try to be kind and at least say no thank-you. Silence just means that neither the buyers, nor the SQUEAKY team know whether you are seeing the comment – so we don’t know if you are present or absent. If buyers see that you are present and answering questions they are more likely to buy your item.

Personal support: If the SQUEAKY support team takes the time to send you a direct personal email, please respond. We care, and it only takes a moment and it helps us know you are there. If we think you are not there, because you are not replying on the listing, or by direct email, then your listing will be taken off the public board because we want our buyers to have a positive experience and not waste time communicating only to get no response too.

Knowledge is power!

Community spirit: We are building a nice community of buyers and sellers that believe in the same safe, simple and professional process. We have created requirements that help us all keep it this way. One of these is not to share personal contact details. We realize that sometimes members might feel, in the heat of the moment, that this is the easiest way for them to care for and communicate with their buyer. But in fact, it is doing the opposite, as from that moment onward we can no longer support a transaction on that listing as, in order to do that we have to know all communications, and cannot know what has been communicated outside the marketplace. So this is why all messages need to simply stay on the marketplace or, they can be directed through the SQUEAKY team by email.

The sales process: It’s simple and safe, but if either you or the buyer deviates from the standard process, it can become risky and complicated! It will take longer, and the support team will have to get involved and help correct things manually – if that is even possible.

So read up on how a sales transaction works, know it now, before you get into one.

Finally, you have a buyer… now what!

When you accept the request to purchase, you should close the listing so that no-one else can buy it too. You must not delete the listing. When the item arrives, if the buyer needs to check anything SQUEAKY support must be able to open the listing again for you all to see the detail. 

1. Within the transaction window, make sure you are using the correct delivery address for the buyer. Check with your payment system about what protects you ( e.g. using Paypal shipping labels, and in a Paypal transaction don’t use a new address given by a buyer in the comments)

2. Make sure your item is clean, fully dry, and packaged adequately. Make sure there is no wiggle room between the item and the page and that it is well supported and super protected. Make the outer packaging discreet.

2.  Make sure you give the online tracking number to the buyer. Keep communicating with your buyer otherwise they may lose trust in the sale and stop it. Do not give out personal details or use any given by your buyer – keep all messages on the marketplace in order to protect you and so that we can support you.

3. Wait till the item has been delivered and everything is ok before asking your buyer to mark the transaction as completed. Now review each other in order to build your reputation.

Sell your toy on the live marketplaces now


How a sale works – who does what, and when

1. The basics.

2. The 5 steps of a transaction.

3. The payment flow –  Escrow style transaction.

4. The payment flow-  PayPal transaction.

The basics


After you hit the buy button

When you hit the buy button and enter payment details successfully, this pre-authorizes your payment so that seller knows that your payment will go through successfully. We would recommend you take a timestamped screenshot of the listing at this stage. 

When the seller accepts your request to purchase, the money moves on.

At this point, the seller should quickly close the listing so that no-one else can try to buy it too. Even though it is closed from view, the seller should never delete the listing. When the item arrives, if you need to check anything just ask SQUEAKY support to open the listing again for you to see the detail. 

Now you need to move from the sales ad / the listing, to the transaction part of the settings in your account

Where to find your transaction

Go to your marketplace account, click on ‘Settings‘, and in there you will see ‘transactions‘. Go into the transactions and click on the one you want to see. This will take you to what we call the transaction window.

Click on the item status to get into the transaction window. This is where you continue your conversation with the seller. You can also access their messages in your account inbox.


Messaging during a transaction

The buyer and seller can continue communicating with each other in the transaction window. This is no longer public. Messaging in the transaction window is private between the buyer and seller (but the moderator also sees everything). Please both stay aware of the community guidelines.

If you have any questions during the transaction
If you need help with the process, or to share any information but can’t find a way to do that in the transaction messaging then contact SQUEAKY support on and they will answer your questions and also pass on any information for you.


 The 5 steps of a transaction

Step 1: BUYER hits the BUY button

When you hit the buy button, you are accepting the listing and shipping price on the listing. You must have the correct fee for shipping to your country.  You will be asked to put your payment details in, and the delivery address. All prices are in US dollars, and the payment systems will exchange to/from USD to your currency and deliver that to your bank/paypal account. Stripe will pre-authorize your card for the total amount.

Step 2: Seller accepts or rejects the purchase request.

After the buyer requests to purchase, the seller has 3 days to choose to “Accept” or “Reject” it. If you do nothing, then the system will cancel the transaction after 3 days. If a sale is rejected then return the pre-authorized amount to the buyer. If accepted, Stripe will take the money from the buyer and holds it. Paypal transfers the amount to the seller. 

Step 3: Sterilizing, Packaging and Shipping

Think about how your buyer would like to receive this item.

Make sure you have fully cleaned and sterilized your item, make sure it is rinsed if you are using toy cleaner/bleach/soap –  and give it time to dry naturally! Then examine the item carefully again before packaging it up. Do all this in a clean environment so that the item stays in pristine condition.

When you are ready to send the item, package it up carefully so that the item doesn’t get damaged, and make sure it is also protected from the elements. Make sure it is discreetly packaged (right down to the content detail if you have to list it).

You can use any courier or the domestic postal service, and send it to the Buyer address given on the transaction page. Make sure it is online tracked and ideally insured and signed for. (If using PayPal sellers should use any shipping label service or tracking they provide in order to show proof of delivery.)

Use the transaction messaging to provide the tracking number to the buyer. 

Communication is key: Buyer and seller should keep in touch with each other through the transaction messaging.

Packaging is key: Its just not worth the trouble that comes if your item arrives damaged and then the sale is disputed and you lose both your money and your item!

During a transaction, any messages from the buyer/seller are in your inbox (hover over the little circle containing your profile picture / initials at the top of the page & click on INBOX. If there are several messages from the buyer/seller, they will all be within the same item in your inbox – click on it to open it up, and at the bottom are all the individual messages from that buyer.

Step 4 : Complete the transaction

Buyer: Once you receive the item, check that it is what you expected (contents, condition, etc) and mark it as Completed in the system. Stripe then releases the money to the seller. Note: Sale will be automatically marked as “Complete” if no action is taken.

Disputed transactions
Within the marketplace, buyers can mark a paid transaction as disputed before it is marked as “completed”. This clearly communicates to us that you are not happy and we get involved. ( Please see the next section on protection to understand what happens in a dispute).

Once the transaction is completed ( or a dispute resolved) , the buyer and seller can then review each other.

Step 5 : Review

Once the transaction is finished, it is review time. You both get the chance to rate each other. Please do this because it helps the whole community to know the best buyers and sellers, or any helpful hints on working with them.

It only takes a minute to do. The system will ask you for a comment on how the transaction went, and then ask you to rate the buyer as either Positive or Negative… that’s it ! It will be so helpful to everyone to know a bit more about how it went.

Stripe – Escrow-style Transaction Flow

Hit the buy button

Buyer enters credit / debit card details, and delivery address. The item price plus the shipping fee is blocked by Stripe in the buyers bank account. Buyer and seller can now message each other privately.

Money moves to Stripe

 Once the seller accepts the sale, the payment is taken from the buyer’s bank account and is put on hold in the Stripe account until the buyer successfully receives the item. (If the seller rejects the sale, the money is unblocked from the buyer’s bank account)

Item shipped to buyer

 The  seller sends the item with online tracking to the buyer and gives the buyer the tracking number.

Buyer receives item

 The buyer inspects the item and, assuming all is ok, they will mark the transaction as completed which will release the payment to the seller.

Money moves to seller

 Stripe moves the money to the sellers bank account. (Officially it’s meant to take 7-10 days, but we notice it usually takes less time.) Buyer and seller can review each other.

Paypal Transaction Flow

Hit the buy button

 Buyer enters their paypal account or credit / debit card details, and the delivery address is autocompleted from their PayPal account details. Buyer and seller can now message each other privately.

Money moves to seller

The seller needs to accept the sale before the payment (minus Paypal processing fees) is transferred from the buyer’s Paypal account to the pending balance of the seller’s Paypal account. 

Item shipped to buyer

 The  seller sends the item with online tracking to the buyer and gives the buyer the tracking number.

Buyer receives item

Where applicable, Paypal will track the delivery to the buyer to allow the early release of the pending balance in the seller’s account. The buyer needs to inspect the goods and raise a dispute with Paypal if there is a problem – they will have buyer protection.

Money accessible by seller

 Paypal releases the money into Sellers main account. Buyer and seller can review each other.
In the future, when a buyer reviews their PayPal activity, they will see the seller’s PayPal email on the list, not the marketplace name.



Sell your toy on the live marketplaces now


First of all, enjoy peace of mind knowing that secure payments are provided through the marketplace, and you are protected most when all communication between the buyer and seller is done through the marketplace alone. Communication outside the marketplace is not allowed because if there is any indication that there is communication outside the system then we cannot provide the usual support or protection.

The Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace is specifically designed to protect everyone by having built-in the two most popular, secure payment systems – PayPal and Stripe.


Buyers : If you see the following icons, you’ll know the seller can accept payment by PayPal account, or by credit card or debit card attached to a PayPal account.


Buyers : If you see the following icons, you’ll know the seller can accept payment by debit or credit cards via the secure STRIPE system.

The two systems work slightly differently in how they take, and protect your payment.
Please also perform your own due diligence, and remember, you may also have added insurance connected with your own credit or debit card.


Buyers : You pay no commission, just the price shown on the listing

Sellers : Commission is 20% for Paypal transactions, and 23% for Stripe transactions (but we will pay the 3% Stripe fees on your behalf).

Fee calculation example

STRIPE – if you sold an item for $10 through Stripe, the fees are 23% (20% for us and the extra 3% is what we will use to pay to Stripe on your behalf for their fees). So you will receive $10 less $2.30 (23%) = $7.70. This payment is taken from the buyer immediately and is then put on hold until the buyer has received their goods and has marked the transaction as complete. Once it is complete, the payment is released and it will be in your account, typically in 7-10 business days.

PAYPAL – if you sold an item for $10 through Paypal, you would receive $10, minus your normal Paypal fees. You will then have the 20% transaction fee (20% x $10 = $2) sent out automatically to us from your account.


When you hit the buy button and complete the payment details, PayPal will pre-authorize the payment.

When your “buy” request is accepted, the money is sent from the buyer’s PayPal account directly to the seller’s PayPal account (less PayPal´s transfer fees for the seller of about 3% ). Then, PayPal deducts the Squeaky Clean Toys sales commission (20%) from the seller’s account and transfers that to Squeaky Clean Toys (less PayPal´s transfer fees for the marketplace of about 3% ).


When you hit the buy button and complete the payment details, Stripe will pre-authorize the payment.

When your “buy” request is accepted by the seller, the money is sent from the buyer’s account into a STRIPE pending account ( a bit like when your credit card has $$ blocked when you rent a car and leave a deposit – some people think of it like an escrow account ). The money is not actually transferred to the seller until the transaction is marked as “completed”.  So if there is any dispute about the transaction the funds are held until it is resolved. The buyer then usually marks the transaction as completed to signal that the item has been received ok. Once the transaction is marked as completed, it can no longer be disputed and the money is transferred to the seller, less the 23% commission due to Squeaky Clean Toys. (This extra 3% is used by Squeaky Clean Toys to pay toward the transaction fees that Stripe charges for the transaction.)


In order for both buyers and sellers to protect themselves as best they can, it´s important to keep a track of every detail and take pictures at every stage of a transaction.

We strongly advise sellers to follow these guidelines below, as they will be required in order to resolve any dispute.:


Clear and honest detail of the item in your listing


Message at every stage and keep all communication on the marketplace


Send the purchased item only to the address given on the payment page


Provide the buyer with the online tracking information once available


Only ask the buyer to mark the transaction as completed only after the buyer has received the item and is satisfied with it.

Buyer protection

You must use “goods & services”, not “family & friends” .

If there’s a problem with a transaction, or if the item goes astray in the post you may not have to pay for it. PayPal can protect your payment. Learn more about PayPal buyer protection here.

Seller protection

Your protection on PayPal is decided by PayPal itself. PayPal also has a program to help sellers avoid claims and chargebacks, read more about it here.

Please read this carefully before you send your item to a buyer. PayPal has requirements that make your item eligible for protection so read these carefully. One of these requirements is that you will need Proof of shipment – and this includes Online tracking information showing the status of shipment. So you have to send your item by tracked mail!

We believe that PayPal also require you to make sure the address on the shipping receipt matches the customer’s address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page ( see this detail in the link provided in the ‘disputes’ section below..

Buyer Protection

If there is a problem during your transaction, Squeaky Clean Toys will help to find a solution to the dispute. We can act impartially, and help to resolve the issue without the need for a lengthy dispute process.

If a refund is required during your buy/sell transaction, we can put in a transaction to cancel the trade in our system & our system instructs STRIPE to refund the money into the buyer’s account. This can only happen before the transaction is marked as “completed”. On top of that, you also have any bank or credit card company protection that applies.

Seller protection

Your protection starts when you accept a buyer’s offer because the money they pay has moved into a pending STRIPE account that Squeaky Clean Toys can manage. We can act impartially, and help to resolve the issue. This is why it is so important to send your item tracked so that we too can see if it has been delivered. If you don’t do that,  you are taking the risk here of losing the item and the money. 

In addition, (if it ever comes down to it!) you might also have the protection of your bank or credit card company to resolve any further disputes. Businesses can also apply for STRIPE chargeback protection which helps protect from fraud.

Disputed transactions

Within the marketplace, buyers can mark a paid transaction as disputed before it is marked as “completed”. This clearly communicates to us that you are not happy and we get involved. Before disputing the transaction, take pictures and even video and hold on to any evidence required to resolve the dispute – the item, the packaging and anything else, such as paperwork, that is relevant. 

Once resolved, the buyer and seller can then review each other.

With Stripe, once a transaction is disputed, this stops the automatic flow or events. Even though we can’t access your funds, we can resolve a dispute by manually authorizing Stripe to either refund the buyer or dismiss the dispute, and pay out to the seller.

The buyer and seller should discuss the situation patiently and respectfully with each other, through messages in the transaction messaging system. We are monitoring and here to advise when necessary. If you cannot both agree on an amicable solution, then we listen to both parties, and decide whether to agree to the dispute and refund, or ask you both to make a compromise, or agree with the seller and continue the transaction as normal. If we find in favor of the buyer, the seller is asked to pay for the item to be returned to them. 

With PayPal, they will have already transferred the money on to the seller when the seller accepts the sale, so it is up to the seller to then return the money to the buyer.

A Paypal transaction means that it is PayPal that manages the whole financial transaction, however, if you hit the dispute button on the marketplace then the seller will get an email notification and will realize there is an issue to deal with.

The buyer should then message the seller in the transaction window giving the reason for the dispute, and discuss the issue there. The seller needs to then decide what to do about a refund. Since it is not possible to send pictures in the transaction messages, you can send us pictures and any other evidence by email to and we can pass it on to your seller for you.

If the seller does not offer a refund, and you are still not satisfied, then you would need to open a case (a dispute) with PayPal in order to make a claim through PayPal. Whilst we cannot do anything about refunds in a PayPal transaction, we really hope that it gets resolved fairly and successfully and we will keep an eye on the conversation between you on your transaction. We are very happy to listen to both buyer and seller here, to see if we can help give any advice.

It is important for you to understand what to do, and when – for instance timing can be important here. You can find a useful guide to how Paypal cases/disputes/claims work here.


If PayPal was used, only the seller can refund the transaction to the buyer. For a full refund to happen, the marketplace has to refund the seller with the commission fee, and the seller refunds the buyer with the purchase fee. Paypal will refund the percentage portion of their fees for both transactions, but not the fixed fees.

If something goes wrong, both the buyer and the seller still have further PayPal protection because you are using the marketplace for your transaction.

If Stripe was used, only the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace administrators can authorize the transaction refund.

If something goes wrong after the transaction is completed, the marketplace can no longer control the payment as it has already gone to the seller’s bank account. However, STRIPE is a fantastic system that can provide your credit card company with lots of transaction detail.

Why you should NOT try to arrange payment outside of the marketplace.

By staying in the secure payment system, you have any protections they offer. You will lose all the security & safeguarding features that our approved payment providers offer when you desert them… and us!

If you do give out personal details, you also set yourself up for scammers and time-wasters. It’s well known (and also our personal experience), that once you do this, it all goes a bit wonky! Sellers know you won’t have any come back when you give your money outside the system, and buyers know they can take advantage and try to re-negotiate ( or even give fraudulent cash ) and you have no one to come back to.

As administrators, we do see ALL messages entered into the Squeaky Clean Toys website so we know when people are deciding to take the wonky route!

As it is a community rule to not give out personal details like this, the moderator has the ability to disable your account with immediate effect.

If you stay within the system, however, we will have a record of the buyer/seller message exchange, in case of any transaction disputes. And, you will have our continued support.

Shop simply  Search easily Buy securely | Delivered discreetly

and grab yourself a bargain !


We’re trying to make this marketplace purpose-led, for both the social and environmental benefits it can bring. So we all need to work as a community with the same interest, and not one against another and not against us.

Please be aware that all users must adhere to these requirements – otherwise your account may be disabled temporarily or permanently, without warning.

This is simply a marketplace to buy and sell securely. As users of the marketplace, you need to be active and supportive. Personal contact details, pornographic images, or sexual chat is not allowed – not anywhere, and not at any point. Profiles are mainly to show which country you are based in, reviews from other members after you have bought or sold, and for sellers, this is your store-front – the place to show what you are selling. Messaging is not possible outside of the listings – messages on the listings are for questions or bidding. Keep everything kind, positive, and respectful.



The marketplace is mainly for quality, body-safe, second-hand items, sold by private sellers. The aim of the marketplace is for sellers to sell items that were bought personally and don’t suit them any longer, not for items that are bought for the purpose of resale in order to simply make a profit – the only exception is for collector-type items. The aim for buyers is for them to be able to access higher quality toys for less money. 

Consumer owned only

This is a private consumer to consumer marketplace. Only create listings for items you own personally, so your listing should include at least one photo of your own item and not just stock photos.

It is not  place to just list a mass of typical Amazon / Ebay fulfilled unbranded products from China,  AliExpress / DHgate shipped items, white-label brands, or new items sold only in plastic bags.

This is also not a place for commercial vendors or home party hosts selling new items, which is why the system normally allows only up to 3 listings per user initially so that the approvals team can verify that they are your own personal items. Contact the squeaky clean admin if you have a special circumstance.

Premium Brands or models

To make it simple, we are currently only accepting the brands that are on our current ‘listed brands’ menu.

If you have another brand, a custom-made, or artisan item please let us know by ticking ‘Other’ and then use the ´additional information´ field to give the actual brand name and provide as much detail you can on the brand and material. If it is a high-end niche band that we have not got on our listed brands yet, please highlight that, and we will take a look at it immediately.

Body-safe only

Toy material is an important subject ! Please check our latest body-safe policy when listing an item so that you can check if it complies.

Dolls are complex

This is a very complex area so we have a lot more pre-approval questions when a doll is listed. Scroll down your listing to see any messages from the approvals team.


Listing detail needs to be clear, detailed, and complete – and as open and transparent as possible.

Do not accept more than one request to purchase the same item. If you receive more than one request, you need to accept one and reject any others – even if it is from the same buyer. 

Do not ask a buyer to complete the transaction before they have received and examined the item.

Do not ever delete a listing after a transaction has started on it. Once the transaction has completed fully, SQUEAKY will write SOLD on it and take it offline. 


Please don’t waste sellers time by asking questions already answered in the listing or listing comments.

Only make one purchase for the same item and wait then for the seller to accept or reject it. The payment systems will pre-authorize your funds for each and every time you do that.

Do not offer or request your purchased item to be used before shipping. Do not ask for extra used items to be sent. Do not ask the seller to include extra items that do not comply with our body-safe policy or listing requirements.

Communication is key

We need our users to be responsive and act promptly, and to communicate well, with kindness and respect. 

Once an item is submitted for listed, you are expected to be checking your listing comments. Check your emails for system notifications, or, you can check into your marketplace account daily to see them in your inbox.

We expect our sellers to answer all comments, even if you feel it is unnecessary because other users are watching to see if you are active or not. If you are active, even with a very short response, then it encourages more action from others, so it’s a win-win.

Communication is super important in the marketplace – users are simply here to buy and sell – so if you don’t respond within 3 days maximum the system will cancel your sales and the moderator may close your listing. If this happens more than once, the moderator may delete your listings and/or disable your account.

Communication with the Squeaky team is also key. If the team asks a question, by email or on a listing comment, always reply as promptly as possible.  

Ask for help

If you don’t know how something works, read the guides provided, or ask the Squeaky team. We’re here to help with the process. 

Do not rely on other users for advice incase it is incorrect or misleading!

Reach out if you have a problem. If you make an error, reach out to us about the best way to fix it – two wrongs don’t make a right, and you could end up causing more problems for yourself, other users, or for Squeaky. 

Let the toys do the talking

This isn’t a chatty site – messages should be simple and clear, and only about transacting with the listing. Make sure you don’t initiate any personal chat or images.
Keep it all squeaky clean.
Don’t ask a seller about how they use the item or about their preferences and don’t share yours either. Make sure your comments could not be interpreted as pervy or intrusive or irrelevant to selling or buying the item yourself.
Keep it professional, kind, and above board.

If the moderator feels that a comment does not follow these guidelines then the comment (or in more extreme circumstances, even the user) may be removed.

Know how it works

It is each member’s responsibility to read up on and understand how the marketplace works and particularly how a transaction works -. before they enter into one!

Links are provided to the listing basics and this HOW IT WORKS page on sign-up. The support team are available at to help with any questions or issues with the process.

If members do not follow the correct process and cause problems by either taking no action or taking incorrect actions (e.g. completing transactions before receiving an item, accepting more than one transaction for the same item, not communicating with the team, or using chargebacks to solve their own errors), then the moderator may close their listings and disable their accounts with immediate effect.

If sellers ask buyers to complete the transaction or write a review early – i.e. before the item has been received and checked it’s ok, then the seller will be warned.  The moderator will be watching carefully and their account may be disabled by the moderator.

Personal information

We do not allow contact information on listings, messages, profiles pages, images, or within the transaction messaging etc. This includes emails, phone numbers & social media info.

For the safety and security of our community, personal information must not be disclosed to any other users on your profile, your listing, or even within the transaction messaging (unless in the transaction, there is an error you need to correct about the shipping address). If there is any other information you want to add but cannot, you need to do it via the support team at

After the BUY button is hit, the buyer only needs to put delivery details and any discreet packaging requirements privately. The seller only needs to give the online tracking code. In order to protect both buyers and sellers, we need to see all communications so if there is any indication that we may not see it all, then we cannot help protect you and your account will be flagged by the moderator. 

We do understand that members might want to share personal details in order to be helpful so just email us at if that’s the case, and let’s see what we can do to help.

Why? Because support cannot be provided to transactions after any personal information has been shared. From that moment onward, we can’t know what could have been discussed between buyer and seller, so we can’t offer any unbiassed help. 

Just a heads up for you;)
If personal information is offered, requested, or even shared, then the SQUEAKY moderator could also decide to disable the users accounts.


All items must be shipped with online tracking. Shipping costs are in addition to the item price – there is no commission on this fee. Personal delivery/pick-up is not allowed. We have hidden the PICKUP field for this reason, but there might be a rare time when you see it – so don´t choose it, as it will stop your listing from being approved.

For protection, sellers must have an online tracking number with proof of delivery so that the buyer can know when it is arriving and so that there is proof of mailing in case of any disputes. Make sure you put this number in the transaction messaging and also with PayPal you should use any shipping label service or tracking they provide in order to show proof of delivery.

Keep within the marketplace

It is against the rules to advertise any other businesses or encourage any other connection outside the marketplace.

Speak to the Squeaky team about any issues or errors and try to get them solved within the marketplace. Wait until they have advised that there is nothing else that can be done within the marketplace to resolve your problem, before you go elsewhere to solve it (otherwise you could be unknowingly causing problems for other users or for us.)

If there is any indication that trading is offered by the seller, or requested by the buyer, the moderator can disable the account with immediate effect.

Why sellers should NOT ask a buyer to message them privately or offer to deal outside the marketplace.

Because this isn’t simply a place to freely advertise business elsewhere. There are other places where you can advertise for that. Everything you need to operate securely through the marketplace is already in place.

Why users should NOT try to arrange payment outside of the marketplace.

If you do this, you set yourself up for scammers and time-wasters on both sides ( buyers or sellers).

It’s well known (and also our personal experience), that once you do this, it all goes a bit wonky! Sellers know you won’t have any come back when you give your money outside the system, and buyers know they can take advantage and try to re-negotiate ( or even give fraudulent cash ) and you have no one to come back to.

By staying in the secure payment system you have any protections they offer. You will lose all the security & safeguarding features that our approved payment providers offer when you desert them… and us!

As administrators, the site is heavily monitored and we do see ALL messages and updates on the Squeaky Clean Toys website so we know when people are deciding to take the wonky route. If you stay within the system, however, we will have a record of the buyer/seller message exchange, in case of any disputes between you.

It's a serious business

If a seller miss a sale through no action, or you don’t answer any direct email from us, or any question added to your listing comments by the SQUEAKY team, then the moderator will close all your listings to avoid  buyers getting frustrated or wasting their time only to get no action from you.

If the moderator feels that a buyer is continually stringing sellers along and never getting to the point of buying, then their account may also be disabled by the SQUEAKY moderator.

If the moderator feels that a member is not following the community guidelines, they may be given a warning, or their account could be disabled. Disabling an account may only be a temporary measure whilst the support team can chat with a user and get things back on track. 



Get in touch with Zoe at if you need any help, or report any transactional issues. This is better than the contact form as lots of spam hits that, and your message may go into our spam folder unintentionally.

Keep in touch !

Log in and read your messages regularly. Scroll down your listing regularly to see any comments from the SQUEAKY team or from potential buyers.

Make sure you keep an eye out for emails from us and make sure they don´t go into your spam box.  Reply as promptly as possible to any listing issues.

Make sure your email works, and that you can receive notifications and emails from the marketplace system and from our customer support team. We sometimes get emails returned saying a member´s inbox has not been overfull and cannot accept our email. If we cannot contact you about your listing, we will have to close the listing so as not to disappoint the buyers.

Small print

All site viewers and signed-up members must be over 18 years old. See terms & conditions for more information.

Please email us…….if you see anything that doesn’t follow these rules or guidelines.

Phew! We hope that answers all your questions about how it works. If not, head over to the FAQs page for more questions and answers.

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