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March 21 – April 19

Aries is ruled by Mars which immediately gives you a big hint of what an Arian is like. In ancient mythology, Mars is the god of war and Mars also represents sex in astrology.  So strap yourself in because we are talking power here !

An Aries is very direct – you won´t find much flirting going on with them. They prefer to choose their “prey” and are very single-minded about targeting them and getting what they want. This conquering style of personality means that they are largely fearless.

They are loyal, trustworthy, and honest and they expect the same from you. Tactful ?… not a strong suit for your average Aries.

They are passionate and dynamic in all parts of their lives so you can expect the same to be happening in bed. They are happy to dominate and to take charge, but don´t be surprised of they sometimes switch it up – as long as there is an exchange of power then they are in their comfort zone.


Aries sexy traits : a bucket load of confidence

Ideal sex positions : anything where one person is in charge – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, etc.

Ideal sex toys : anything bondage related.


April 20 – May 20

The word that describes a Taurus is indulgent. They are indulgent in everything, whether it is wining & dining or in bed. They are slow and patient and all the finer things in life are approached in the same way. They are often thought of as traditionalists, but they can have a surprising streak hidden away that is only let out once in a while.

As a partner, they treat their roles of being a spouse and also of being a parent just as seriously as their role of being a lover. They are definitely marriage material (if that is what you are looking for !).

Being traditionalists, their favorite position is… you guessed it… the missionary position. But while this may be a little unadventurous for some, their enjoyment of the indulgent things in life means that you will be thoroughly spoiled in bed. You will be completely looked after, so lie back and enjoy all the attention you are being given.

The little spark that they keep mostly hidden means that if you want to experiment a little with a Taurus, an approach in the right way at the right time can cause a definite reaction and the sparks can fly.


Taurus sexy traits : they´re nerdishly cute

Ideal sex position : missionary

Ideal sex toys : the vanilla items – vibrators and dildos


May 21 – June 20

Talking, stimulation, intelligence, clever – these are the traits that turn on a Gemini. For a Gemini, intelligence = sexy. Stimulate their minds and you are already halfway there – being turned on starts way before the bedroom for a Gemini. They respond to communication, & lots of it – playing with the mind is an essential part of Gemini foreplay.

You need to be on your best game for a Gemini because they need constant stimulation so you have to keep active, agile, and focused. If you cannot keep them engaged with you then boredom will set in easily and then your relationship will crumble rapidly.

Sexually, the main thing that a Gemini craves is that it has to be different, new, unique, untried… pick any word. They do not want to repeat what they did yesterday, last week, or last month. You don´t need to feel the pressure to constantly come up with creative ideas because they are perfectly happy to contribute to the situation with their own ideas.


Gemini sexy traits :  they´re like elusive butterflies

Ideal sex position :  whatever is different from yesterday !

Ideal sex toys : hand me the catalog ! Everything ! Fantasy dildos, remote control vibrators, role play costumes, anything.


June 21 – July 22

A Cancer is a person of contrasts – they need connection, but at the same time they can be remote and it can feel hard to reach them. Emotions are a core part of a Cancer & if you do manage to connect properly then devotion & passion are definitely available. Cancers are looking for deep love and are definitely not simply after a one night stand.

You will think you know a Cancer, but the element of surprise is always there.

Sexually, Cancers are slow burners. Foreplay is vital for them to let you in. A mutual understanding of each other is the key to a fulfilling sex life with a Cancer.

Cancer sexy traits : they are kind and warm lovers

Ideal sex position : Eyes ! They need to look into your soul & feel the connection so any position where you are facing each other is going to do it for a Cancer. The worst position would be doggy style – far too remote & disconnected

Ideal sex toys :




July 23 – August 22

Leo, the lion, the king of the beasts, and the king of the zodiac. A Leo likes to be the center of attention and you can easily find yourself drawn to them. Their flirty style makes it easy for them to attract people into their world.

If you are drawn in, then honest communication is how to handed a Leo. Game playing will not work – just let them know you are interested and they will certainly let you know if they are interested.

Sexually, a Leo is exactly what you would expect – wild, physical sex is what they like. Doggy style is perfect – just like their Leo namesakes. They know you are looking at them, even if they are not looking at you, and they enjoy their role as the top of the food chain. Passion is all.

Leo sexy traits : their playful & protective nature

Ideal sex position : doggy-style (or lion-style !)

Ideal sex toys : strapon, BDSM toys


August 23 – September 22

A Virgo is very composed and can even be perceived as a little cold and distant. But with that reservation, they are also very well organized and smart. A Virgo, like a Gemini, needs you to start with the mind if you want to make a connection.

They make a devoted partner once the connection is made. They will be straightforward, they tell the truth, and therefore you will always know what they want, need, and think. Their reserved nature means that most people do not get to see the inner person.

Sexually, once the outer shell is broken through you will get to the passionate center. Oral is definitely a good way to break in – just take your time until the shell melts.


Virgo sexy traits : they can make all of your problems disappear

Ideal sex position : oral, and lots of it.

Ideal sex toys : clitoral vibrators, fleshlights


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September 23 – October 22

A Libra is generally focussed primarily on themselves. They are often charming, charismatic, and beautiful and they really enjoy one thing above all others… themselves.

Flirting is their specialty (they can out-flirt a Leo! ) and their love of beautiful things can make them seem shallow and superficial. They love their beautiful self, and also other beautiful objects and people, but it is a genuine love of beauty and they love to be surrounded by beauty.

Sexually, a Libra is happy to engage in all sorts of positions as long as their partner is appreciating their beauty and gorgeousness. They like to have undivided attention from their partner & they are happy to give the same. 69 allows them to feel adored and pampered and also to return some of that focus and attention to their partner

Libra sexy traits : their soothing & sexy aura

Ideal sex position : 69

Ideal sex toys : vibrators, dildos



October 23 – November 21

A Scorpio is always mysterious & you never quite know what is happening behind those eyes & that smile. They are hard to read and the love being a mystery and being enigmatic – this will keep you fascinated by a Scorpio.

They will always have a hint of the unknown so you will never feel you know 100% of a Scorpio but they are still great company. They are not game players & honesty is the key here – dishonesty is punished strongly by a Scorpio (like a scorpion!)

Sexually, a Scorpio likes fantasies. They need creativity, difference, and exploration. If you have unusual toys and tastes, a Scorpio will love it. Bondage, blindfolds, etc will heighten their senses and turn bedroom sessions into something far more interesting and unique.

Scorpio sexy traits : they have a natural talent for seduction

Ideal sex position : anything that heightens the sensations

Ideal sex toys : blindfolds, ropes , nipple clamps ,vibrators



November 22 – December 21

A Sagittarius cannot be tamed, they are always out there looking for more. A life of routine would drive a Sagittarius nuts. They need to explore, wether it is physically exploring the world or exploring the character of their partner.

If they find the right partner, they will share their explorations happily and be loyal & devoted. So fitting in with the lifestyle of a Sagittarius & genuinely enjoying the same wanderlust is the key to a great relationship.

Sexually, a Sagittarius is going to constantly surprise you.Do not expect conventionality – they love to break the rules & the norms & to try different things to spice it all up. If you have a preconceived notion of what is right & wrong sexually, be prepared for a rocky ride ! There will only be two outcomes – either 1) If you remain inflexible, your relationship will falter. or 2) You go with the flow & discover so much more than you ever knew about what can go where and how !

Sagittarius sexy traits : their happiness is not only contagious but totally hot !

Ideal sex position : nothing standard, we are talking advanced Kama Sutra – The Superhero, Sitting V

Ideal sex toys : prostate massagers, sex machines



December 22 – January 19

Capricorn is quite a conservative sign. Frivolous & flirty behaviour with a Capricorn is going to get you to only one place – nowhere ! They are solid people – reliable, dependable, patient, and rational. This means that they are looking for the same in a partner. If you can be patient and take your time, you will be allowed into the inner Capricorn. You will be rewarded with a totally devoted person who would lay down their life to protect you & support you – whatever life throws at you.

Sexually, there is still the solid core of conservatism in a Capricorn so don´t expect the unusual and bizarre. They will appreciate all the standard positions & obviously missionary is a good start. Don´t expect passionate, intense gazing into the eyes, so spooning is also going to work with a Capricorn.

Capricorn sexy traits : be intrigued by these keepers of secrets

Ideal sex position : missionary, spooning.

Ideal sex toys : vibrators, dildos, cockring



January 20 – February 18

An Aquarian is a person that has a natural charisma and they tend to be unconventional, not in a bizarre way, but in an individual & independent way. Often they are spiritual & are interested in new age topics.

Aquarius is another sign that should be approached by the mind and not by the body. Stage one with an Aquarius is to interest them – share your ideas and probe their ideas. Once that connection has been made, you are in their field of attention – now you just need to keep their attention.

Sexually, they look for the unconventional. Missionary will not be on the menu. Instead, they will be focused on the unusual. They are fascinated by finding little-known things – whether it is foods of the world, new religions, or obscure sex positions. So expect to learn some new positions when you are in bed with an Aquarian.

Aquarius sexy traits : they´re deliciously nutty

Ideal sex position : butter churner, snow angel

Ideal sex toys : the unusual, fantasy dildos



February 19 – March 20

A Pisces is deep and meaningful, often artistic and emotional. They are complex characters that need to be treated with consideration and care. What might appear to be a certain shyness is actually just a protective shell and once you are inside the shell then you can find quite a kinky soul inside.

Sexually, their artistic nature can lead to a creative time in the bedroom. Their natural emotional flexibility means that they are happy to explore. But there has to be a solid core of gentleness and intimacy – create that and a memorable time is assured.

Pisces sexy traits : they´re ministers of love

Ideal sex position : footjob, upstanding citizen.

Ideal sex toys :  anal beads, vibrators


Reasons to be friends with…

Aries : Is the best company you can have

Taurus : Gives the best gifts

Gemini :  Can be your partner in crime

Cancer : Is always available to cuddle with you

Leo : Makes you food

Virgo :  Takes you to the best restaurants in town

Libra : Loves to talk… about anything

Scorpio : Is always there for you, no matter what

Sagittarius : Would do anything to see you smile

Capricorn : Drives you home when you are drunk

Aquarius : Comes to your house to talk about Freud

Pisces : Remembers your birthday

In 10 years…

Aries : Getting married

Taurus : Buying a pet

Gemini :  FBI agent

Cancer : Going to a bunch of concerts

Leo : Broke & homeless

Virgo :  Pole dancing

Libra : Prison

Scorpio : Drug addict

Sagittarius : Billionaire

Capricorn : Owning a library

Aquarius : Being famous

Pisces : In a mental asylum

What feelings do they experience most in their lifetime ?

Aries : Adrenaline

Taurus : Contentment

Gemini :  Unhappiness

Cancer : Worry

Leo : Satisfaction

Virgo :  Misunderstood

Libra : Love

Scorpio : Heartbreak

Sagittarius : Isolation

Capricorn : Fatigue

Aquarius : Empty

Pisces : Confusion

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