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Motorbunny are one of the top brands of riding sex machines. As fast as they arrive on our marketplace for used sex toys, they are sold and on their way to a new home.
You can see what we have today in the  sex machines category of the marketplace.

What is a sex machine – the different types of sex machine – how to take care of a sex machine – where to buy & sell sex machines, and more.


What is a sex machine?


The world of sex machines might be a bit of a mystery to you. Once people discover this world (and use the machines!) it is not easy to return to a simple vibrator. Some are built for riding, and others offer stroking or thrusting actions, but almost all of them allow you to change the attachments so that you can find the perfect dildo for you.

Total control

Depending on the type of machine & the particular model, you can control the thrusting speed (up to 300 thrusts per minute !), the depth of each thrust, the angle of the dildo (useful for doggy style, or missionary, etc), and the height of the dildo.

Sheer power

These machines are big, heavy, and have tons of power. Mostly mains powered, they have dials that go up to 10 if you can take that much power.

Solo or couple power

Sex machines are great for masturbating on your own. They never say “no”, they keep going as lons as you want, and they can get into the perfect position every time. You can also use them with a partner & hand over the control to them.

Not gender specific

Sex machines work for all genders – everybody can get their needes satisfied with a sex machine.

The different types of sex machines

Sex machines

Saddle machines

Hand-held thrusters


How to buy a new sex machine

New sex machines can be bought online from hundreds of different sites, but order carefully because you are not able to return any sex machines, unless they are actually defective. Please do your research about the different brands & the materials that the dildos are made of – many of the sex machines have dildoes made of TPE / TPR which cannot be sterilized fully. This is one of the reasons that many of the sex machines that we allow onto the listings do not include dildoes – we only allow silicone dildos which can be fully sterilized. The main cost is in the machine, and most listings will also tell you where you can purchase the extra accessories. 

Sex machines can cost up to $3000 which is a sizeable investment and this is probably why the second-hand market is so popular for these items.

There are social media forums and chat sites on the internet that allow you to buy and sell used toys but none of them are professional marketplaces with all the controls that exist at Squeaky Clean Toys.

If you would like to buy a second-hand sex machine then we have many of them passing through the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace. There are never too many on the listings because they are sold almost as soon as they are listed! Even if they are new, they have to be at least 25% less than retail prices at reputable online stores. 

Buyers pay $0 to join and $0 commission to buy through Squeaky Clean Toys, and the payment is simple and secure for both the buyer and the seller.

Why the Squeaky Clean Toys marketplace is the best place to buy a sex machine

All the used sex machines on the marketplace must be cleaned by the sellers prior to shipping,  and your payments are protected because we only allow buyers and sellers to use Stripe & Paypal goods & services. If the dildos attachments are made of silicone, they must be sterilized by the seller and then re-sterilized by the buyer uopn receipt. If the attachments were made of TPE / TPR or jelly then they are not allowed as part of the listing due to concerns over sterilization & body safety.


Because Squeaky has a strong body-safe policy for the toys that we allow onto the marketplace, high-end sex machines are exactly the quality of toy that we are looking for. (See our How it Works guide for more information on the functioning of the marketplace).

 1. Sign up as a user on the site – it’s free and takes just 1 minute.

2. Go to the category of Sex Toys & select Sex Machines & Sex Furniture.

3. Find the item that you want to buy.

4. Click on the big BUY button at the top of the screen. If you want to offer a lower price, you can make a comment on the listing and if the seller is happy to accept your offer then they can adjust the price before you hit the BUY button.

5. Once you hit the BUY button, put in your payment details & the delivery address.

6. The seller will give you a tracking number and, when you receive the sex machine, you inspect it and mark the transaction as complete.

7. You can now review the seller.

1. Sign up as a user on the site – it’s free and takes just 1 minute.

2. Click on the List an Item button at the top of the screen.

3. Enter all the details of your toy, including your own photos.

4. When a buyer enters a bid, you will be notified.

5. Pack the item securely & discreetly and send it with online tracking.

6. Once the buyer recieves the item and it is approved, they will mark the transaction as complete & you will receive your money (less the  Squeaky Clean Toys commission).


If you have any questions, our FAQ guide may have the answers. If not, please get in touch.

Sex machines

A sex machine does exactly what it says on the tin – it simulates penetration & uses a strong motor and a dildo to move in a penetratring motion i.e. forwards & backwards.

They are adjustable to ensure the perfect sensation for the user – generally you can adjust the height, the stroke angle, the depth of each stroke, and the stroke speed. Adjusting the height and angle allows you to change your position and be penetrated from any angle. And the intensity can be adjusted using a combination of thrust speed and depth, allowing you to move from soft and gentle up to eye-wateringly intense (how does 5 times a second sound ???)

The dildos are interchangeable and can be used for g-spot or p-spot stimulation & you can even use a double-headed dildo to fill both holes or to play with a partner in unison.

Sex machines – top brands and models


Hismith sex machines can be found all over the internet – they are sold in many online sex shops and also on Amazon & Ebay. The range is really vast – from hand-held thrusters through to table-top machines and on to free standing sex machines. The range also has two quality levels – basic & premium.

Do be careful with the dildos that come with the machines – many of them are not silicone & therefore cannot be fully sterilized (see our body-safe blog post). We suggest that you buy your own compatible silicone dildos to use on the Hismith.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

This is a big favorite with many reviewers – it offers a great combination of power (240 strokes / minute), flexibility, and solid construction (stainless steel).

There is a mobile app to allow for remote play / control, and endless customizing of settings. Cost when new is about US$500.  


USA made sex machines that use top quality materials including high-grade stainless steel and premium silicone materials. They cover the whole range of machines from beginners to extra quiet to high-tech to super powerful. Made by a company that really cares about quality & reliability.

Robo Stroke Fucking Machine

A strong & versatile machine. You can change the length of the stroke & the speed while the machine is moving! It has 10 preset patters such as fast in & slow out, one long & two short, etc. An LCD touch screen & remote control allows for easy control on the fly. New price approx US$1300. 


Assembled in USA, the Shockspot range is perfectly small – an 8″ thruster, a 12″ thruster and a double ended thruster. But each model is built to be versatile – they can be used in any position including lying, kneeling, sitting, and standing. Unusually for a sex machine, the collapse down to a small size & so are discreet. Top quality design & materials & with a price tag to match!

Shockspot sex machine 12 inch

The Shockspot 12 inch is the larger model  which thrusts up to 12″ deep – should be enough for anybody, especially when combined with hundreds of thrusts per minute. This machine is high-tech and runs from your PC using custom software to allow eveything to be pre-programmed. 

If you only want the best, then this brand is waiting for you! New price is approximately US$2100.


There are hundreds of different sex machines out there – many are variants of the typical ones mentioned above. But there are also specialised ones that take a different slant on penetration.

Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0

Fort Troff specialize in gay / anal toys and their Fuck Machine 3.0 is regarded as the best gay sex machine available.

Cloud 9 F-slider

Cloud 9 make the F-slider Rideable Sex Chair – a machine with a rocking design that is powered by your body movement. Move forwards & the dildo protrudes upwards.

Sex machines – what to look out for


Always err on the side of sturdy & heavy – you don’t want it to move when in use otherwise you will have to chase it across the floor. Stainless steel where possible. Attachments should be silicone so thay can be sterilized after use.


Almost all sex machines are mains powered so lack of power is rarely an issue.  

Size & Weight

If you are looking for a portable & discreet sex machine, you are not going to be thrilled with most machines. These toys tend to be big & bulky & if they are not heavy enough then they don’t work too well. Shockspot sex machines do collapse down to a small size, which helps a little.


Almost all machines allow you to make adjustments to suit your needs e.g. angle of the attachment, height, etc. But the more sophisticated ones allow you to adjust stroke depth, patterns of penetration, and so much more.


Most important point is to use silicone attachments – keep your toys body-safe & keep them sterilized. Many machines use vac-u-lock to attach your favorite toy to the machine.


Some of these machines can run really fast (300 strokes a minute) so watch out for hair / clothes / etc getting caught up. And always remember to use lots of lube to avoid any friction internally.  


Most of these machines need very little maintenance, but some require a spot of oil after 3 months to keep them running smoothly. Keep the nuts & bolts tightened up & the machone clean and it should last for a long time.


Typically, the number of functions increase as the price increases of  the machines. Whils the basic machines tend to have a wide selection of non-silicone dildoes, the more sophisticated machines can have remote controls, programmable stroke patters, mobile phone apps, etc.

See all sex machines on the marketplace now

Saddle machines

The saddle sex machine became popular in the 1980’s and the grandfather (grandmother?) of them all was the Sybian. Having seen the popularity of the Sybian brand, many other manufacturers have created their own designs, but the general design remain largely the same. 

All of them work in a similar manner where the “rider” sits on top of the machine and the dildo penetrates to bring them to orgasm. Most machines have settings for vibration and also for circular swirling / twirling motions. The strength, speed and intensity of both settings is adjustable.

The rider can control the settings themselves during solo play, or control can be handed over to a willing partner if playing as a couple. 

We will look at 4 of the main different brands of saddle sex machine.

Saddle machines – top brands and models


The original brand on saddle machines invented by Dave Lampert in the 1980’s. They have even had mainstream media attention, being reviewed across the world. The sybian is heavy, loud, and not for the faint-hearted… you can’t use this discreetly!


The finish is synthetic leather & a variety of colors so it looks fairly classy (compared to the Tremor brand). 4 attachemnts are included, but sadly they are all made of TPE which cannot be fully sterilised (silicone attachments can be bought separately). Priced at around $1500.


Tremor  took the Sybian as their inspiration and then re-built it from the ground up with a lightweight, white base. and The controls and motors are all digital  and motors for more precise control. They have gone for a retro style desgn with a musical theme – the controls of the Temor look like guitar knobs and the two methods of stimulation are called Rock (vibration) and Roll (rotation / twirl).


Made in the USA. It is well thought out with a silicone pad for easy cleaning, and silicone attachments so it gets 10/10 for body-safety & cleanliness. 10 settings of “Rock” and “Roll” and 2 silicone attachments allow you to fine tune it to your body The design might not be for everyone, but at least they tried to be different. New price approx US$850.


Motorbunny have just 2 models – the original and a new one called the Buck. The original is very similar to the Sybian in looks, performance, and quality but it is is a little cheaper. However, yet again it is a very expensive machine that comes with TPE attachments making sterilizing virtually impossible. The buck is the all-singing-all-dancing young upstart in the Motorbunny lineup. 

Motorbunny Buck

The Buck is the flagship model for Motorbunny. It has 3 silicone attachments included, and it has a smartphone app with bluetooth connection. There are plenty of presets to try out on the app with different buzz and thrust settings. The Buck has replaced the “twirl” function with two separate thrusting motions for added stimulation. New price is approximately US$1650.


Cowgirl have positioned their saddle machine at the premium end of the market. It was described as  the “ultimate vibrator” in the press. All details have been carefully considered from the silicone attachments to the silicone base to stop it slipping when in use.

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium is made of vegan leather & the 2 included accessories are silicone (therefore fully sterilizable). It can be controlled via the corded remote control or from a smartphone app. There are 6 preset patterns, 360º swivel rotation, and low to high speed adjustment – so you can tailor it to your exact needs. Cost when new is about US$1450.

Saddle machines – what to look out for


Most machines are plastic or pleather but make sure they are easy to clean after use. Attachments should definitely be silicone so thay can be sterilized after use – buy them as accessories if necessary.


All of the saddle machines are mains powered so lack of power is rarely an issue. A tip is to start slow and gentle & lube up heavily – level 10 is definitely not the place to start!

Size & Weight

Saddle sex machines are fairly big pieces of kit. The Cowgirl is roughly 17″ x 13″ x 11″ and weighs 13kg. Some will fit under your bed, but you do need to work out where to keep it so it is easy to use but also not in the way.


You can adjust the dildo / pad that is used and also the speed, vibration,  & intensity of the machine. Some machines can also be used with wedges to use them on their sides / at an angle.


Can we say 3 words… silicone, silicone, & silicone. It is vital to be able to sterilize your attachments so please invest in silicone – it is a small extra cost on top of the machine price.


The only dangerous thing about these saddle machines is that you might get addicted. Always remember to use lots of lube to avoid any friction internally.


No real maintenance required. Just keep them clean & stored out of full sun.


The base unit of all the machines are fairly similar. Some are more tech based (smartphone apps, bluetooth, etc), and some are differenciated by premium quality & materials. Take a look at all the brands and work out which features are actually vital to you & what is your budget.

See all sex machines on the marketplace now

Hand-held Thrusters

Hand-held thrusters occupy the middle ground between a regular dildo / vibrator and the mains powered saddle / thrusting machines. They are either hand held or have a suction cup to allow you to attache them to any horizontal or vertical surface e.g. the shower wall.

While the power may be nowhere near that of the big machines, these are still a definite step up from the vibrators that most people are use to. These machines do vibrate, but their major selling point is that they also thrust up & down (or in & out depending on what you are doing with them!) by up to 3.5″ simulating penetration much better.

The major brands (like Hismith & Velvet) offer hand-held thrusters in silicone which is great because they can be fully sterilized. And some models can have detachable dildos which allow you to switch shapes & sizes depending on your needs & desires.

Price-wise, these machines are closer to the prices of up-market vibrators than to the prices of the saddle / sex machines. $250 to $300 gets you a good hand-held machine.

Hand-held thrusters – top brands and models


Hismith are more well known for their mains powered free-standing sex machines. This thruster is at the low end of their range in terms of power and thrust depth, but still the reviews have a common theme of “wow… so much power”, so obviously there is much more ooomph than a regular vibrator.

Hismith Pro Traveller 2.0

The Traveller isquite a high-tech piece of kit and comes with a remote control and also can be smartphone app controlled (great for control from elsewhere). The silicone dildo is 6.8″ long and an adapter allows you to swap it out for other dildos. There are 3 frequencies of thrust and 8 penetration patterns. There is also a suction cup to attch it to any smotth surface – a locking knob allows you to change the angle between 0 and 120 degrees to suit any position.

Unusually for any sort of sex machine, the Hismith Traveller Pro 2.0 is fairly quiet – the manufacturer claims that your moans will be more noisy than the machine. 

Priced at around $320.


Velvet Thrusters look like conventional vibrators (especially in comparison with all the other machines on this page). Their Prime range of thrusters include Nanci (specifically for the g-spot), Jacki & Sammie (Realistic shaped dildo – Jackie is skinnier, Sammie is thicker), Franki & Walter (Unique shapes – Frankie has a swirl pattern, Walter is more like a conventional anal dildo with 3 beads). There is also a mini range.

They actively encourage you to create your own unique thruster – you choose the shape of the dildo (Jackie, etc), the color of the dildo, the color of the base, and the accessories you want to be built in.

Velvet Prime

Once you have chosen your model, the specifications are fairly similar. The thruster can move at up to 140 strokes a minute (that should be more than enough!), and the length of each thrust is a very impressive 3.5″. The Velvet thrusters are all made of silicone so they are easy to keep sterilized. They have 6 speeds, the head can bend up to 90 degrees, and there is also an optional suction cup to allow you to attach it to any smooth surface & use it hands-free.

New price approx US$250.

Hand held thrusters – what to look out for


Some hand-held thrusters have plastic bodies and silicone attachments, others are all silicone. All that really matters is that the part that enters your body is silicone. The high power of these toys means tat they have heavy duty motors inside.


No standard power – some are rechargeable (the Velvet has up to 8 hours of battery life), others are Mains powered.

Size & Weight

Definitely bigger than a regular vibrator, but nowhere near the 15KG weight of a Sybian! The Hismith is 16″ x 9″ x 9″ so we guess you would call it medium / medium-large..


The Hismith does let you change angles & the attachements. Other than that it´s just speed & intensity & patterns.


The Velvet thruster is fully built when you order it so you need to choose the right attachment since you cannot change it later. The Hismithcomes with one attachment but you can swap it oput for others using the adaptor piece that comes with the machine.


No real danger from these machines – just don´t drop them on your toe !


No major maintenance required. 


If you kow exactly what you want, go for a pre-configured thruster, but if you will be looking to change & develop in the future, consider a machine with swappable attachments, angles, etc.

See all sex machines on the marketplace now


Strokers (also known as “masturbators”, “sleeves”, “pocket pussies”, or even by the most famous brand name of “Fleshlight”) are made for penis stimulation & come in a huge variety of styles.

They can be enclosed or open-ended, firm or soft & squishy, they can feel like a mouth or a vagina or an anus, and they can vibrate or suck or twirl. (it autocorrected twirl to twerk… not sure that feature is available just yet!). But despite all these different approaches, the actual use of a stroker is fairly similar – lubricate your penis with a water-based lube & insert it into the stroker. If you have functions such as sucking / twirling / etc then hit that button to activate it, if not then move the stroker up & down your penis.

The important thing to note is that most strokers are designed to feel as realistic as possible & the easiest way to do that is to use materials like TPE or TPR. The manufacturers disguise this with names like Fanta Flesh or Super Skin but it is still TPE or TPR. Why does this matter? Well TPE & TPR are porous so they cannot be fully sterilized, just cleaned. You can replace the inner TPE sleeve with a new one and insert it into the original hard outer case if you ever want to sell the toy.

Strokers – top brands and models


Let’s astart at the higher end of strokers with the Autoblow range. These guys have created the Autoblow 2, the XT, and now the A.I. (it stands for artificial intelligence). For the AI model, the Autoblow boffins watched and analysed thousands of minutes of porn videos (now that’s a great job!) to work out how real women perform blowjobs in order for the stroker to be as realistic as possible.

Autoblow A.I.

This is a mains powered stroker that is full of technology. 10 different patterns plus a “random” AI programme give you many different blowjob modes & speeds. It is made of ABS plastic outside and silicon inside (very unusual to use silicon, normally companies only use TPE / TPR internally). You just need to sit back & enjoy – the Autoblow AI does all the work for you & it fits all penis sizes. New cost is about $250.


The Fleshlight brand is so dominant in the stroker market that they are often all called Fleshlights (which must irritate the other companies soooo much!). Fleshlight started with a simple TPE vagina sleeve in a torch shaped hard case and rapidly became the number 1 selling male toy in the world. They developed the toy into mouths and anussssus (who knows the plural of anus – surely it cannot be ani ???). There is also a range of porn star fleshlights moulded from their actual body parts, and now they have high-end automatic machines like the Quicklaunch.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The turbo thrust model features 3 parts to the opening to simulate a great bvlowjob. Each section has a different feel so it can simulate the lips, the tongue and the throat. The Turbo Thurst also has a discreet case so you can take it travelling with attracting unwanted attention if your luggage is searched, and it has 3 different designs of sleeve for 3 different feels. It is TPE (so it is porus) so do be aware that it can’t be fully sterilised. 

New price approx US$70.


Kiiroo are an Amsterdam based group of tech-heads that have decided to explore the whole world in interactivity & connected applications. What this means in practice is that you can do things like… connect with 2D and virtual reality porn movies & your stroker will sync to the action on the screen. You can also connect to various porn webcam sites and the model can control your stroker from their location. If you have a partner with a Kiiroo, you can connect to them and you can control each other´s toys from the other side of the world. 

Kiiroo Keon & Feel Stroker

The Keon is certainly hi-tech, but it is also a great masturbator. Top quality design places it at the premium end of the market. It´s speed peaks at 230 strokes per minute, but it is far more about the sophisticated experience than about pure speed. Sadly, the internal sleeve (the “feel stroker”) is TPE so it cannot be fully sterilized – if you sold it you would need to sell the keon on its own.

New price is approximately US$280.


Lelo moved into mens strokers with the F1 kit a while ago & they have now updated it with version 2 which has solved some of the problems associated with version 1.

Lelo have certainly developed a unique piece of technology – it uses “sensonic technology”, amongst many other bells & whistles. This means that sonic waves get deep into the penis making it feelo all rumbly and tingly from all directions, not just a vibration applied to the outside nerves. The F1´s don´t move around so the basic concept is a high-end vibrating penis sleeve.  

Lelo F1S V2

This updated version of the F1S is available in blue & red and is made of ABS, aluminum, and a silicone sleeve. It has 2 motors with 15 intensity settings and a whole heap of tech wizardry to stimulate your penis. The silicone sleeve is great for body-safety because it can be fully sterilized but some reviewers say it is a little hard & firm (which is where porous TPE scores highly, even if it cannot be sterilized). If you are on the bigger side “down there” then you may find the F1S too tight. 

Cost when new is about US$230

Strokers – what to look out for


Strokers tend to have a hard outer shell made from ABS plastic or aluminum, and an inner sleeve that is often made from TPE. TPE (a.k.a. Fanta Flesh, SuperSkin, etc, etc) cannot be fully sterilized so do take care to clean it as well as you can & don’t share your toy.


Strokers are powered by mains, rechargeable batteries, and good old hand-power. (We haven’t seen any clockwork ones yet…)

Size & Weight

The Autoblow AI is one of the bigger strokers and yet it is only 8″ x 6″ x 4″ and the weight tends to be between 0.4Kg and 1kg so they are easy to keep somewhere discrete in your bedroom.


Any adjustments tend to be managed via the apps that control the high-tech strokers. For the hand-powered strokers like the Fleshlights, the only adjustments you can make are to go to the gym more often!


The only safety issue is probably friction – always remember to use lots of lube.


The cases are fine, just wipe clean. But you need to take care of the dilicate sleeves – clean thoroughly after use and make sure you dry them completely after cleaning. All the manufacturers offer details information on how to clean & store the toys for maximum life.


The high-tech strokers have more functions than you will ever need. Aimed at people that love to tinker, these toys can adjust every part of your experience. For the more basic strokers, there is no real funtionality except that they do their one job and they do it well.

See all sex machines on the marketplace now

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