The best online stores to buy new sex toys


When you should buy new sex toys online


Where to buy them


Sell your unwanted toys, then buy more

You like to sell your old toys on the Squeaky marketplace, but maybe you only want to buy new toys from a shop. Or, you simply can´t find what you are looking for on the Squeaky listings.

So why not buy new if you can afford it, and keep the circle of buying and selling good body-safe toys going!


get the best price

We monitor all prices on listings submitted to the Squeaky marketplace to make sure they are proper second-hand prices, but you might also just find what you´re looking for, at a tempting ‘on sale’ price from one of our favorite online stores below.


Product details

Even if you are thinking of buying on the marketplace, you can use the online store links to check all the details about the toys that interest you.

You might decide it’s worth paying the extra for the latest model, or a different color. You might even want to mix and match both by buying something on the marketplace, and also buy extra attachments or cables or sleeves etc. from a store in order to make a more complete set.


Buy the extras

Why not buy your cleaning products and accessories like good quality lubes or gels – to use with your Squeaky product when it arrives.


Only buy body-safe porous toys new!

On the marketplace, we do not list insertable/penetrable porous toys.

It used to be that only the non-porous items could give a nice soft, real skin feeling but whilst these materials can be much more unstable,  are high maintenance, and cannot be sterilized, the design and production of softer silicone items has also come on leaps and bounds. So we support the safer silicone option on the marketplace.

If you still want to buy a TPE/TPR (e.g. for dildos, masturbator/ strokers), then you will need to buy a new one. Not all sex shops support the sale of these, so choose from the best, where they understand the brand and material.

For toxic materials like  soft PVC or jelly  – we don’t advise ever buying these toys, not even new, nevereverever! You will find that most sites we recommend don’t even stock these but larger retailers like Lovehoney still do. So we advise you to avoid these items, they’re not good for your body,  you will never be able to re-sell them on the marketplace and you’ll only clog up the lungs of our dear planet if you then have to dispose of them another way.

Our favorite online sex toy stores

This is where you will find our affiliates or friends or just places we downright admire for one good reason or another.
Bear with us whilst we build the list for you.



Lovehoney like to be known as the sexual happiness people, and sell. They’re huge! So you will find a large selection of sex toys, sexy lingerie and sex essentials to suit all tastes, appetites and orientations.

They’ve been going for 18 years and have over 400 international staff and we have 287,000 reviews. The link will take you to the USA site but if you’re based somewhere else, just click through and choose your preferred country before you fill your shopping cart!

They’ll also ship internationally, and promise fast, discreet shipping “from a store that understands the importance of a little bit of privacy and intimacy.”

Early 2 bed

Early 2 Bed is a small independent business, and very women, queer and trans-friendly. It aims to help people of all genders and orientations to explore their sexuality to the fullest, with quality sex toys, accessories, and access to the most current, honest information about sex and sexuality.

“It is our mission to spread the good word about positive sexuality to as many people as we can…” and the owner of this shop does just that personally! She even took the time to give us her feedback in the beginning, when we were on a really steep learning curve about body-safe toys.

We love people who care and communicate.

Or, see what unwanted toys are for sale today on Squeaky…

and grab yourself a bargain !